I sell devil with blue berry seat.

I sell devil with blue berry seat. I bought that last octover, is used, but tot too much(as soon as I can I’ll put pictures), and I’ll sell it by 420USD

the other crank have a little scratches, but to one too heavy.


you can buy a brand new one for $395. or your used one for $420.

consider taking the price down a little.


true, then I think I wont sell mine, I saw the price in a web page that was so expensive. jejejejeje, but I think the destiny wants that I continue with my unicycle.

renegade juggling

what size cranks are those? 125


i might want the cranks

i might want the whole thing…

Buy it off renegade juggling…

You can get it BRAND NEW for LESS than he is selling it for here.