I scared the sh!t out of myself!

Hey dudes!
Last weekend i was street riding in Milton Keynes(the city near me) and i rode a giant set of about 50 stairs. They were small sets of 10 and about 5 sets in all. I rode down them and found i could stop pedalling and sort of “skid” down the steps. The first time this happened it scared the crap outta me as it was completly by accident and unexpected! I was wondering if there is a name for this and if anyone else can do it?

yeah when i ride stairs, i find that wen i am going, i dont really even need to pedal coz i slip down the stairs, but i feel alot more stabiler (if thats a word) if i am pedalling!!

not sure if it has a name tho :thinking:

Given the rant-mission I’ve been on for a couple of weeks now, I feel it is just fair for me to pop in and say ‘Thanx’ for the very descriptive thread title…

i call it a stair slide:D

I call it ‘lack of grip’ and ‘bad for your tire’. Never happened to me on a set of stairs, only on sandy downhills (pedal half a revolution, skid two meters, pedal half a revolution, skid two meters, etc.)

it happens to me on stairs and snow. It would probably happen on sand, but we don’t have much sand in Wisconsin.

once you can ride the skid, you can ride anything.

Is it more of a fall or a skid/slide?

Develop it > Post a movie of it > Put it onto WikiPedia in the street unicycling section!

You may just have yourself a new skill!


Its more of a skidding/sliding across the edges of the steps.

It happens alot when i ride down wooden stairs when they’re wet. I’ve fallen a bunch when it happens.

Isn’t the whole upper half of Wisconsin glacial drift (which is quite sandy)?

I’ve never been that frightened. I hope you rode seat-out the rest of the way home.

When I get scared I usually scare the be-jeebers out of myself because they are easier to sit on and not a hygiene problem.

not really, I live in the south.