I saw you in Fremont

you where in the crosswalk heading toward the sunday street market thing. “yeah unicycle!” I yelled in an encouraging tone from my road bike. My ipod prevented me from hearing your reply.:frowning:

wow, that’s not the most general thing i have ever heard. I never knew that i had been to fremont, much less riding mu uni to the market.

What were you doing on a road bike? Don’t you know what a coker is for?

very good one

Cokers are crazy fun, but when I want to ride a sizable distance, I like being able to put everything I have into the pedals without the constant vigilance of a “balance envelope”. The feeling of constantly passing cars parked at red lights in congested urban streets. I like to consider myself a renaissance man of wheeled self powered vehicles. Why confine yourself to the single wheelers? but that’s not what this thread is about.

I’m sorry but what is this thread about ?

He saw a guy in Freemont, and wants to know if he is on these forums.

He is hoping the guy will read this and be like “Holy crap, that was me!” lol.

my apologies, it sort of didn’t make sense when i just casually read it my bad…

crawls into corner

To colect uni?

Holy crap! That was me!

Only it wasn’t the Sunday Market, but the Friday one. Well, there wasn’t actually a market, but you know what I mean.

Oh, and when you say “Freemont”, I think you mean “London”, right?

But I remember you though. I think you must have just got off of your bike, as that was parked around the corner, but I heard the words of encouragement you and the rest of the girls shouted. I say encouragement, but, well, I’m sure you meant it as encouragement.

I’m glad that someone spotted me though.

STM :smiley:

and i was there too.

Nah, it would be Fremont in Seattle. It’s a funky neighborhood on the north side of Seattle that likes to call itself the center of the universe. Fittingly, Fremont was also featured in Universe where Dan is riding on the troll statue.

I was driving through Fremont on Sunday, but didn’t even have a unicycle in the car. Shame on me.