i said i wouldn't post any more videos until...

…i landed a new trick but yesterday, i landed my first ever face-plant and i’ve a low quality record on YouTube or in the gallery.


ya same here I really didnt wana see those cuts at the end. That was pretty …

umm… your videos have always interested me and that was did did not fail.

those accents reminded me of the TV series Shamless, do you know those guys :slight_smile:

there is always little children around when you ride.

I like the editing, very different.

thanks everyone for your encouraging replies. my toe is feeling a little better and looking back on the video i’ve seen it had gotten jammed between the handrail- virtually tripping me up which was cause for me to take such a large tumble.

i definately want to learn some new tricks though before my next video as opposed to just riding new places.

i wanna get more technical as opposed to just trying to go big.

however when i’m riding in town, most of the time kids ask me to do stuff, and though i want to do it already, i figured that they could be quite useful in terms of filming for me. i’ve rarely got others to film me, but here, all the filming of my riding was done by random people in the vicinity. though i lose some control over the film quality (shakey camerawork- grr) there’s a real spontenaeity about the footage and i feel i have less takes to perfect the clip.

most were done in one take, with the last stairs taking a bit more (i really wanted to get them!). the riding after my spill was straight off the camera- therefore you can see that the unispin was the second attempt. there was blood all over the ground and on my t-shirt but i wanted to ride immediately so i wouldn’t be too shaken by the experience (flying face first into a concrete slab at the bottom of a flight of stairs can be quite daunting).

anyway once again thanks for the support, i hope i can make better films in the future, hopefully my riding will improve too- i’m getting kinda pissed off with all the useless hopping inbetween stuff.

very interesting video the start was a bit weird but nice unicycling, by the way there are young people using this forum so you should edit out the swearing… but all in all great vid


sorry- i didn’t think of censoring the vid- i’ll pay more attention in the future.:o