"I.S.I.S." or "Isis"

When I go to my LBS to by an ISIS crank extractor, How do I ask for it. I’ve only ever seen “ISIS” online. If I say it out loud is it:

“I. S. I. S.” saying each letter individually
“Isis” Pronouncing it like one word. (eye-sis?)

Does it matter?

I don’t really think they’ll care or smirk if you say it wrongfully, my LBS understood me when they asked what hub/crank style my uni had and I replied eye-sis so I’d just say you’d be fine going with eye-sis as well.

I worked at a bike shop for a few years. Just say Isis as one word. Saying out each letter is tedious and makes you look kind of silly.

like, “I married Isis on the fifth day of may”

For information on the International Spline Interface Standard (ISIS) Drive, go here.


Hmmmm, that’s a lot of information but nothing on the question at hand, i.e. pronunciation. From browsing the document, I also don’t think that the so-called ISIS interface on (non-giraffe) unicycles conforms fully to the ISIS standard, because it assume a bottom bracket where they talk about spindle length. So maybe for unicycles we should rename the interface to eye-sis. :slight_smile:

Evey biker and bike shop worker I’ve ever met pronounces it Isis, like the river.

ISIS sucks anyway since its not a standard at all. There is no guarantee of compatibility whatsovever. The manufacturers took care of this, the ISIS organization does not care, customers loose. You could sell a square tapered hub as ISIS and get away with it…

So I pronounce it ISUCKS. :angry:

That’s what I thought as well. But according to one of the major unicycle shops its not just Koxx. There are even issues between Qu-ax and KH. Unfortunately all the manufacturers are keeping quiet on this issue or don’t know themselves, so it is hard to get any reliable facts.

Sorry if this was a little off-topic, but it is related to ISIS as a “protected” name. Since they have probably lost all legal rights by now you can it whatever you want. :o

I have a Qu-Ax 36er with the 48h isis hub and it fits my kh cranks just fine.

My QU-AX cranks fit my Nimbus hub just fine.

As I said, I just heard this from a shop owner. I sounded like not all cranks or hubs are affected, but enough to cause some trouble. So tolerances seem to be a general problem with the ISIS system.

Normally one would expect the ISIS organization to protect the standard. But this is obviously not the case. Koxx has advertised their products as ISIS for years. I once tried to email ISIS about this, but the email-address on the webpage was dead. :angry:

Ok, basically the ISIS problem is that the specification is not quite strict enough. As a result, two different spline configurations can both match the standard, but not be compatible.