I rode to town and back. Up hill both ways!

I went to a neighboring county to ride their rails-to-trails out 14 miles and back on my 36er. The paved trail is pretty wooded so there isn’t a view of the horizon for reference. The last two miles to the town were a grind (for me) with the constant climb. Of course I was thinking I would be enjoying the decline on the way back…but it never happened! After turning around I felt like I was climbing the same grade again!

I had to laugh because it reminded me of my grandfather having to walk to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways.

Obviously I reverted back to putting too much weight on the pedals after getting tired. I just remember thinking I better keep climbing or I’ll be faced with trying to do an uphill remount on the 36. I haven’t checked but I suspect it was pancake flat!

I have had so much fun since June learning to ride. At first I was discouraged because it would take me so long to make any progress. Now I love unicycling because it takes me so long to make any progress!! Everyday there’s something new to learn or try.

Have a great day.


I think I used to ride that trail, or one just like it, on the way to and from my Jr. High School in the 1970s. In the snow, of course, every day. :smiley:

We have a nice rail trail here in El Dorado County, CA. It’s in the Sierra Nevada foothills, so in one direction it’s definitely uphill, and in the other direction I don’t think bicyclists need to pedal much. It goes through Placerville and roughly follows Highway 50.

Nice. Rail trails are perfect 36er territory. :sunglasses:

Nice going

As a newbee I look forward to a day like that soon. Cheers!

With distances like that you’ll be ready for the STP soon.

After our recent storm of 5" of rain I too took advantage of the nice day and fall colors. I worked on my driveway that is as much as 12% grade down and up.


12% Grades! As posted I was having a tough time getting up the 0% grade Jim. You need to bring that Coker to town and give me pointers!