I ripped my new 661's!

Well,I got my knew 661 4x4’s today,went out and wore them for about 15 minutes,came back in,and started undoing straps and velcrows,when the backing ripped!

I hadnt fallen on them or anything yet,but still.

What I think happened,is there musta been a loose thread or seam,and when i undid the velcro i must have pulled it too.Or it was stuck to the elcro itself.

It ripped on the back,right below the knee part,were the mesh joins the velcro fuzzy part.

661 rip.jpg

That sucks, try to get a refund on that. Does it come with a warranty?

Or you can just fix it yourself, get out the sewing kit.

Thats a bit hard to see,this might help

Return it, it’s obviously a manufacturer’s error.

Yeah.I bought em from unicycle.com.

Contact them and let them handle it, shouldn’t be a problem!

I’ll get my 4x4 in a few days, along with my onza muni and 29" nimbus… I hate waiting!

Sew it up some or duct tape it. You might not have to do either. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with a warranty for a minor problem that would keep me from riding.