I Ride For Me

Today I woke up and told myself that I was going to ride however I wanted and do whatever makes me happy. I made a video to show just that, me having fun.


See, this video was pretty awesome, even though the promo video had bigger tricks in it, I thought this was way more fun to watch.

There were soooo many little kids at that park.

crazy how you caught the 1260. I really liked that, it was fun.

Was too short, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch out you don’t catch your wheel between the springs, could be nasty. Nice tramp 1260!

Make one of these every day! :slight_smile:

Very fun video! The late tricks on the trampoline looked so cool!

niice one man, the late flip over the back of the bench was my favorite :slight_smile:

Colby! You are pretty much my favorite rider! I love your videos :slight_smile:

Who can not love someone whos busting out tricks like you? ^^

The Backflips on the trampoline looks sooo amazing, would be cool if you could get that with a 180 or something :stuck_out_tongue:

that 1260 was sick, colby. :sunglasses:

Colby Thomas, one of the best unicyclist right now, but the guy that don’t like to listen critics… that’s a shame
again, if you don’t want critics, stop doing vids and posting it, the fact that you do vids and publish it, means that you’re waiting for critics
then you have to accept critics whether it’s good or not

anyway, keep riding for yourself, that’s the most important thing!

keep all the good riding up!



Sweeeet. The trampoline tricks were awesome.

Thanks Sam!

You’re right. And I do apologize.

Best thing i’ve seen you post i wreckon. :slight_smile:

You got skills!