i really need help editing a .mov file

hi i just got a sweet (canon elph sd780is) whichcan shoot high definition video which was awesome until I found out in exports these movies in QuickTime(.mov). So I attempted to edit these videos in Windows moviemaker but was presented with a codec error i told me i need to get the codec for this file type. So I downloaded the k-lit codec pack which did allow me to play my videos in Windows media player rather than QuickTime but did not allow me to edit them in movie maker.

So does anyone know how to fix this problem after much searching I did find a few freeware programs but none of them supported a mov file. also I really don’t have to convert the files to a different type as I think that would degrade quality.

thank you immensely for any help

You cannot edit .mov in movie maker.

You can either use another editing software or convert your clips.

EDIT: Now that I just read the last sentance, my answer doesn’t give anything new to you. I’ll be back in a few with a freeware that supports .mov.

Maybe try downloading a trial version of a software?

Pinnacle movie studio or cyberlink power director are good and simple choices.

I ran into the same problem and downloaded the CyberLink 30 day trial and then got the full version for Christmas.

download one of several video converters and convert your video to .AVI format…

there are several FREE options

you can edit it using windows movie maker

No he can’t. Windows movie maker doesn’t support .mov files.

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If you arent going to upgrade to a better editing program that supports more files types anytime soon, then go get SUPER and convert it over to something that WMM does support.

Jerrick has the right idea, if you are looking to get out of this without paying for anything use SUPER, heres the download link which is almost impossible to find on their website: http://www.erightsoft.org/GetFile.php?SUPERsetup.exe

Heres a youtube video which claims to show you how to convert .mov to .avi with SUPER. I haven’t watched it because my internet isn’t letting me load any videos but hopefully it helps:

I usually use the RAD Video Tools to convert MOV files to AVI. It is a free tool (though they ask for a donation). It should handle the high def video format your camera uses. Generally the point and shoot style cameras use a MOV container with MJPEG compression of each frame. RAD Video Tools will handle that.

Here’s a quick tutorial of using RAD Video Tools to convert from MOV to AVI. They suggest using an MJPEG codec to compress the AVI file. MJPEG codecs generally are not free (as in speech and as in beer). I suggest using Huffyuv which is a lossless compression codec. You lose no video quality. Each frame is individually compressed, there is no mess with key frames and other things that make editing more complex. The downside is that the resulting file will be big. The plus side is that it is lossless so there is no loss in quality and is a convenient format while editing a video.

Oh, and there is also Media-Convert which is an online video format conversion service. You upload your file and wait for them to convert it.

When I was using movie maker and I only had my Kodak digital camera that would film in .mov I used RAD video tools.

You shouldn’t loos much quality with RAD or SUPER. You’ll loose nothing trying them… except time (and download).

I think that with a lot of these HD cameras these days, .mov is just the container format, while they compression they’re using is just pretty standard h.264 or MP4 - they’re not like the .mov files of old which used some sort of proprietary compression that didn’t work with anything.

So, maybe try renaming the file to .avi, .mp4 or .m4v and seeing if it will import that way? I could be completely wrong of course - I’m still working in SD using uncompressed DV files.

Wikipedia Link - the chapter linked deals with MP4, and the one below it mentions that .mov can be used as a container for h.264 video.

Good luck!