I reached my Coker goal - 20 miles

So I went out yesterday to try again to reach my goal of 20 miles. I tried the reccomended breakfast of oatmeal and lots of it.

It was seriously hot, but at least it wasn’t raining, so I went for it. After about 5 miles, I was hurting. I had to stop under a shady part of the trail and die. I was considering turning around. A passing recumbentist stopped to question me about unicycling. By the time we finished talking, he asked which way I was going, and without thinking, I replied I was going forward.

It got pretty difficult in some parts, but once I realized what should have been obvious, that the painful parts were the uphill, I was able to deal with it mentally. I had to take a lot of rest stops, but I pushed on.

It’s an interesting feeling when you get out to that turnaround point. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I’m halfway there. All I really need to do now is get back to my car. Which, realistically thinking, I kind of have to do anyway.

After about 2 miles into the return, I had to lay down in the grass for about 30 minutes. When I decided to go, It took me like 8 tries to freemount. This is really frustrating.

The heat was getting pretty bad and I was dreaming of a swimming pool - which wasn’t going to happen. About three miles from my car there was a community center having a big 4th of July festival thing. I decided to stop and buy a couple bottles of water to freshen my supply. I wasn’t out of water (close), but I thought it would be nice to get some COLD water.

When I stopped at the festival thing, I saw the most beautiful thing in the world. A rain tent. It’s a little arch-tent thing with sprinklers, so you can walk under and get wet. It’s a nice thing for the kids on a really hot day. Boy, did I bogart that thing. That made all the difference. If only I could get one of those every time I go riding.

I found a stand where they were selling bottled water. They said they couldn’t find any that weren’t half frozen. I could deal with that. I got a lot of comments and strange looks walking through the festival with the coker. Finally, I had enough and took off for the last 3 miles.

This was my first ride with the rail adapter, so my first ride with the seat tilted. I now know how important that tilt is. It wasn’t until about the last 2 miles that I had problems with saddle soreness. Granted, i did rest a lot, but before the rails, I would have been in pain around 10 miles or so.

So that’s my big personal best ride. Now I have to go out next week and make sure I can duplicate it.

Nice job!

Reaching personal goals is the fantastic thing about unicycling.

So…when should expect to see the 40 mile post?

That’s great. I wonder how far I could ride? I doubt anything close to 20 miles. I am sure I could do 5 though. It makes me want to get out and try.

Are you still planning on going to MN at the end of the month?

Great Job Nbrazzi!!! Most people would say, “You did what?” Including me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: But I’m just jealous.

Keep us posted on your next accomplishments! --chirokid–

No Minnesota for me. I should have planned farther ahead. I’ll be stuck at work. This just shows, I need to get my Japan plan as soon as I can…you know, man.

Re: I reached my Coker goal - 20 miles

What you need is to leave a turkey sandwich in the car. That should work!

Handlebars make a world of difference as well. The Wyganowski setup I have on my Coker gives me two major hand positions, far enough apart to mean two different crotch angles on the seat. Plenty of variety to keep it interesting, and to keep the cirulation flowing.

Re: Re: I reached my Coker goal - 20 miles

Indeed. A handle attachment is next on my list. I wanted to make sure I knew which saddle I was going with first (KH Velo is the winner) before I decided on the handle. Now I think I’ll have to go with a Wyganowski type apparatus.