I ran over a...

wasp hive

Yesterday I was muniing then I felt a pain in my leg, looked down, and saw a wasp stinging me. I dropped my unicycle and ran while getting another wasp out of my hair. When I went back to get my muni, there was a swarm of wasps around it! It took me ten or twenty minutes till I summed up the courage to grab the muni as fast as I could and got the hell out of there!!

a pool of human blood

someone crashed (non fatal) on the path and it hadn’t yet been cleaned up

a dog.

Two big dogs were playing and chasing each other besides a bike path. The weren’t even close, but they took a sharp turn and very quickly got right in front of my big unicycle wheel. Collision and surprise. No blood, no broken bones. Can’t speak for the dogs though :wink:

p.d. thanks to @Thewheeliekid for resurrecting this thread. What a gold mine.

When people ask me about brakes on a unicycle, especially larger wheels, this kind of situation is always what comes to mind.

I’m always very cautious and ride slowly whenever there are any around, but I’ve had a few close calls where I’ve had to emergency brake to avoid running one over.

I ran over a lead once, as it was some stupid super skinny thing and close to invisible, so even riding slowly to pass between the dog and the lead holder (who wasn’t paying attention at all) I didn’t see it.

No harm done, but both the owner and the dog were a little surprised.

I was riding my local bike trail a few months back on my 20” uni and ran directly over a squirrel that darted in front of me, if the guy on the mountain bike a few yards behind me hadn’t asked me if what he though he just saw really happened, I’m not sure I would have believed it myself…

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Holy s*** that’s one in 1 million! I ride muni on a network of trails with kamikaze squirrels so this could possibly happen to me one day

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What really blows my mind is that I’m sure I’ve done quadruple the miles on that trail on a bicycle vs a unicycle but never came close to running one over on a bike…

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I do not think a brake would be a good thing in such a situation. Spotting wildlife in front of you is usually a sudden thing. A sudden pull on your brakes would tend to launch you at said wildlife, putting you both in more danger than you just were. :open_mouth:

Gah! Did you actually squish/injure the squirrel? That would suck. Squirrels possibly win the award for worse sense of timing for crossing the street. My wife actually ran over a squirrel a few years ago, amazingly only about 100 yards from where I ran over that rattlesnake (top of this topic). She was “stuck” behind a slow moving family group of bikes, and the squirrel, in its infinite wisdom, tried to cross through that group. One of the bikes flipped the poor bugger into the air, ad it landed directly in front of her front wheel. She had no time to even react, and the squirrel was killed. She’s still not really over it. :frowning:

I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve had a metre or two in which to stop and the brake has allowed me to do so when travelling at a reasonable speed. Obviously if something ends up right under your wheel there’s only so much you can do, but I’ve also slammed on the brake to stop the wheel and jumped over the obstruction in the past.

I’m not sure if the squirrel had any internal damage but it did continue to scurry away in to the woods so as far as I could tell it was fine, I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s unfortunate incident though, that’s never easy.

a turd…
a dung beetle…
a slow worm (Anguis fragilis) almost. could stop in time and took pics before it slithered away.

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Hahah that’s the stuff of nightmares. Actively being chased by a snake.

… main road, but it was still very busy afterwards.

a car.

It was left of me, both of us were going straight when the driver took a sudden turn to the right, illegally and contrary to my expectations. Maybe I didn’t exactly run over the car, as that SUV didn’t actually get under my wheel. There was a sudden collision, I was hit, shaken and surprisingly landed on feet, perplexed. The driver hadn’t seen me, but hit the brake, stopped the car and amicably made sure I was alright.

I ran into a car too. It was night, I was riding one uni home in the dark after work and pushing a second unicycle that I had just bought. I was riding straight along my street, suddenly a car pulled out from the side street and cut the corner and drove straight into me, i.e. he drove onto the wrong side of the road. I had a light on but it wasn’t very bright. He wasn’t going very fast but there was no way for me to avoid him. I ended up with my uni colliding with his bumper and me on his bonnet. Actually it didn’t hurt at all.

The unicycle wheel I was riding was no longer usable. The funny thing was, that driver said he was going to send the car to the wreckers the next day…
Anyway, he basically paid for a replacement uni of the one with the destroyed wheel. The other uni I was pushing ended up completely fine, I don’t know how…

I’ve had two cars turn into me while riding so far - thankfully neither of them affected my wheel, but one of the incidents resulted in a big scratch down the side of the car from the metal cap on the end of my pedal.
That driver was all nice about it until they realised that it had caused damage to their car - then it was suddenly all my fault. Thankfully there were some police about 50m away who came over and clarified who was in the wrong.

Reminds me of touring cyclists using a flag sticking out sideways. It’s amazing how motorists will suddenly start passing safely when their paint job is at stake.


wait what? That’s a good idea :smiley:

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you’ll be out of balance on your unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you can carry a pole like this, maybe add some knives at the end.

(to danish peeps: don’t think badly about the domain name of the image)