I raise a toast...

…to celebrate my first significant ride going backwards!:smiley:

Tonight I actually rode backwards for the first time and almost maxed out my riding area in my shop. My record was about 25 feet and that’s a big deal for me. I’ve had my eye on riding backwards ever since I started watching unicycling videos around May or June.

For those that frequent the “Beginners today I…” thread, they know I’ve been working on idling for a ridiculously long time. I obsessed on it because I knew it was the key. Little did I know how quick it would come though, once I became good at idling!

And now back to your regularly scheduled program…

Yea fakie. Here’s to you.

Good job, thats great!

I think the key is to working on idling on both sides, once you can do that, riding backwards begins to come very naturally.

Now start working on your 180, so you can do a 180 off a curb and ride out backwards, then you’ll be cool :slight_smile:


Backwards begets idling, and vice-versa. Have fun!

As I am typing this with my right hand I am cracking a beer with my left in your honor.

Thanks guys,

Yep, I’m going to have to celebrate and get a giraffe soon.

yea, backwards riding to class on the nightrider hasn’t been going to well : ) can’t get 10 feet backwards on the thing starting from a fence. . . but I can dang sure make some sharp turns now, and even some offroad. Amazing what riding every day for a month can do.

congrats : ) don’t stop chugging to bigger and better things though!