I put 150mm Torker LX cranks on my Coker

On my Coker, up until a 2 weeks ago I had alloy Dotek 170mm. Then I felt confident enough to reduce the cranks to 152mm, I so borrowed the alloy 152’s cranks from my 24" Nimbus Muni.

Since I did well with the 152mm Nimbus cranks on my Coker, I decided to get a dedicated pair of alloy 152’s cranks. I ordered the alloy 152mm Torker LX cranks from UDC. I chose the Torker LX cranks because they are lightweight alloy. Also since my heel seems to often hit the cranks, I sorta hoped that the rounded finish of the LX cranks would help my heel roll off the crank.

Well, to my surprise, with the torker cranks my heel no longer hit the cranks at all. It is a wonderful surprise.

I’m not absolutely sure, but it looks to me that the Torker LX cranks have a low Q factor. I don’t know if the torker LX cranks are as strong as the Nimbus or Dotek cranks, but they sure are comfortable.

Heck, the LX cranks even look good with the black airfoil rim.