"I Play outside" e-zine

Wow, I just got an email from the editor of this really cool online magazine called “Iplayoutside.com”. They just published this and put in 99% of my quotes, including a BIG promo for this website, Moab munifest, CMW and Kris Holm! One thing they got wrong was the pricing of the 24" KH MUni, but for the most part ther were pretty accurate.

thats awesome terry

You’re the next Shaun Johanneson! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great :smiley: Nice interview! I hope people will take unicycling more serious now :smiley:

Terry’s getting famous

Haha nah, but hopefully our awseome sport is! :smiley:

Wow, I just read the whole thing. It was really good. The link to unicycle.com was bad, it sent me to unicycling.com.

Thanks Cody. I just checked the link they posted to this website and it’s fine. There is a link to Unicycle.com, but that’s for CMW. This site is linked TWICE and both take you right to this homepage.:smiley:

Yeah I was hoping for once an article on unicycling wouldn’t have any mention of “circus” in it! Oh well, I can’t complain lol!:smiley: