I Pimped my Ride!!!

Wow, great way to score an iPod! But you still shouldn’t kill it. Even in a sock-cocoon, it will only require ONE drop of the seat while the disc is reading to destroy it. The drive only reads onece every 10 seconds or so, but it’s only a matter of time.

Okay, you’ve been warned so I won’t go any further. The rest is up to you!

Don’t put any duct tape on your unicycle…

That thing is hidious . . . and I love it.

I got a pimped out new Muni some months back and have since almost demolished the alum. frame on rocks and so forth. At first I´d try and brush on some same color paint to hide the dings–now I´m inspired to just spray over said dings with whatever can of paint I have laying around, striving after a really cave paint/patch job after a few months with all kinds of mismatched colors.

It is a Muni, after all, and who carees about cosmetics so long as the rims true, the cranks are tight, the seat’s got air and the tire has rubber. And anyhow I´ve worked hard to get all those bash marks.

I think you´ve started a style revolution.


why the hell not? bwahahaha :smiley:


YEAH ! When you be pimpin’ you are crusin’…
For narly rides put the tunes in the backpack.