I Pimped my Ride!!!

Bored kids with spray paint…

Be happy he’s painting something that belongs to him, and not a public wall somewhere. :roll_eyes:

The addition of the speakers definitely bring it into the “pimped” category. Does it work? Is the iPod on your person when you play the music?

Next you need a cup holder.

Other things to consider:

  • Wheel spinner
  • Lights
  • Curb feelers

It works, and it’s surprisingly loud. The ipod is mounted in that padded pouch on the back.

Everything is attached with beefy velcro so I can take it off to do muni/trials.

A Spinner would be so sweet.

Oh - My- F***ing - God. THOSE PICS ARE HORRIBLE!!! And dude, take the god damn unicycle apart before you paint it next time? Or how bout this, DONT PAIT YOUR UNICYCLE YOU DAMN MORON!! “Hmmm…let’s see. I’ll put $250 in a pouch on the back of my unicycle, and two crappy computer speakers next to it! Wow! I’m a genious!” - NOT! One day, you’re gonna drop that samn iPod and it’s going to shatter into pieces, and I’m gonna laugh and laugh!

You spent a half-hour oding that. That’s pathetic. You need to spend AT LEAST a few hours doing something stupid like that. In teh show Pimp My Ride do you know how long they spend putting those cars together? It’s certainly NOT a half-hour.

Holy nuts Batman. Calm way down, Klown. It’s his uni, how him doing something to his property possibly make you so angry. I think its sweet. And I don’t think he was trying overly hard. Also to compare spray painting uni parts with overhauling a car is just dumb.

Again I think its sweet but put your pod under the saddle otherwise its gonna get smoked.


Yeah, Klown definitely needs a happy pill or something. The kid pimped his ride, not yours, so don’t act so offended! Different tastes for different people!

That out of the way, let me ask. Is that your iPod you’re going to mount on or near your unicycle’s rear bumper? Did you pay for that iPod with your own money? If so, more power to ya. If not, I highly recommend not putting something so expensive and fragile between your seat and the ground.

Better yet, not anywhere on the unicycle. A device with a hard drive will not last long with the shocks of riding, let alone dropping the unicycle. One good jolt while the disk is reading, and you could crash/ruin it. Better to put it in your pocket, and devise a breakaway wire system for dismounts!

And turn down the volume before you ride past the Klown house.

Maybe he’s got an iPod Shuffle along with a Boostaroo amp to get some decent volume to the speakers along with some decent battery life. :slight_smile:

Putting a regular iPod or an iPod Mini in the pouch under the saddle is asking for a broken iPod.

sound system

Holy cow you guys!
Vanman,i think you should try out my favorite way to rock,get some headband style headphones (like the sport sony fold ups er sumfin)and then either pocket the i pod or if you can use a pack of some sort. Then just turn it up and leave the headphones around your neck,you’ll be able to hear the music as well as other clowns tryin to run you down,and you can put on your ears easily and rock out outrageously, my 1 cent

WHo cares about the Ipod getting broken…Its obviously just for looks. He’ll take it off when riding hard right?

I think it looks good. I spray painted my uni recently (same color it was. Paint was getting bad already) and it evauntally wears off a little. But good job, looks pimpy.

A happy pill Klown needs not; total banishment the forum demands. Absent must he be. Soon must come the Gilby banishment tool to right this imbalance in the Force.

I with the others. Klown you need to settle down. If you got something like that you need to keep it to yourself as this is a forum read by many users. Women, men, children of all ages, and others. I know I was offended by it. Specially the first 4 words.

Don’t be so harsh next time.


jeez Klown man… you think that’s ugly? check out what this loser did to HIS unicycle!!

hahaha! it’s flippin’ horrible!

Oi, that’s yours right, and is that a qu-ax trials uni I see there? I was thinking about wrapping my right crank in that black tape stuff, so I can do crankgrabs or something. Does it work?

ummm no…it’s not mine… :roll_eyes:

ok yeah, it is:D .

It’s profiles actually but don’t go wrappong your crank-arms in electric tape. Who cares if they get scratched?! It’s a unicycle that you’re going to use for trials… not looking purtty.

This is way off-topic, but I’ll ask anyway

Do crankgrabs/pedalgrabs screw up your hub? or the cranks or anything? It doesn’t look very healthy for a unicycle :roll_eyes:

Why do you have such a strong attachment to my unicycle?

(the iPod is padded, and it’s far enough under the seat so it doesn’t hit the ground.)

grow up.

Wow. What a rude, bratty little punk you are. You’ll get chewed out if you have a job with your attitude. I think home school kids don’t have enough people skills. Sorry that really needed to be ‘said’.

Anyways, real nice man.

Yeah, I got it free from my friend when he got a new one. But it’s padded with some socks now, and it rides far enough under the seat so that it doesn’t hit the ground. And I take it off before I do anything other than just cruising.


Here here.

vanman, You have created something original and for that I applaud you.

Three smiley-faces are hereby awarded: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: