I Pimped my Ride!!!

Here it is!

It only took about 30 minutes, I’m letting it dry now.

By the way, I might paint the spokes silver. That would be awesome.

That thing has been pimped?

Hey, I think it’ pretty pimp.


Where’s the subwoofer? All pimped rides have killer tunes. Or maybe a 2"video monitor in the nose of the seat.


I was actually thinking about adding a sound system. I built some battery powered speakers for my iPod the other day, and they would ROCK on my uni.

The only problem I can see is mounting. I’m thinking that the (small) speakers will go vertically on the front and back of the seatpost, and the iPod will be mounted under the seat. That would kick so much ass.

OK, I just added the sound system. The new link is here.

New version:

Velcro-attached speakers:

Horrible job, You actually painted the handle with out taking it off the uni!!?!?! And the paint bled onto the tire, Next time take time and do it, you will get a more harmonious outcome.

Yeah, but it took me less than half an hour. I didn’t take the wheel off either. It’s not a big deal…

Plus, I can rock to my tunes now :).

tugs shirt and hands him keys “Now you’ve officially been pimped”


I hate to say it… but the paitn is gonna get all over your hands from the handle… or your gloves…

Bummer. It’s pretty thick though, so when it does start to come off, hopefully it won’t just flake and stick to everything…



… or not

The idea of a sound system is great! I just hope you don’t crush your ipod.

Man, it reminds me of that time when I decided to pimp out my unicycle… it’s been a legend ever since.

I own the world’s ugliest unicycle.

Haha, hey, it’s not that bad, but you could try actually taking off stuff before you spray paint it next time, nice colers, black n red, reminds me of errr… yeah, well nice.

hahaha, that’s frickin’ SWEET!! I love the sound system especially!

Yeah, this was just kind of a quick project to see if spray-painting was worth it. If I decide to spray paint my KH Trials (when I get it), I’ll take everything apart and do it right.

Re: I Pimped my Ride!!!

That’s cool. Now, can you pimp out my cousin’s ride? He doesn’t even have a banana seat, and the post is a rusted bar.