I picked my nose today

I hope I got the right one

That pic was quite a relief. With a title like that, I was almost afraid to look :astonished:

ooH. Shiney

Wicked Bedford unicycle t-shirt, how much was it?

He’s making me walk around with this stupid nose on all month :frowning:

I forget, normal T-shirt price I guess, $10-20 cdn. they come in black on orange as well, and the back is far cooler.


I want one of those orange ones!! Maybe I should ask how much would the shipping cost… more than the shirt?

If you’d stop picking your nose, it wouldn’t be so red and swollen.


I just remembered who you looked like!

The guy from the Operation game

HAHAHA the operation game !!!
BRIAN you look like him haha
anyway yes te shirts are 15 dollars cdn
I’m also a new owner of both, and the new beenie like toque

Well, then, do me a favour and tell Harper to Get Away From There!


Man Cody…you have too much fun with photoshop…:slight_smile:

Looks good though!

Hey, where can you buy the beford shirts, anyway?
On, http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca , you can’t buy them, yet…


Re: I picked my nose today

They say you can pick your friends, You can pick your nose, But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

They didn’t say anything about letting your friends help you pick your nose.

that price list on Bedford’s site is from about 1912.

Email him for anything you need

I love that photo, X, that’s great

That’s a mighty fine nose you’ve got there!

Is that…

The M7 ???


:smiley: :smiley: LOL :smiley: :smiley:

Mine’s glossy red…it also comes in ‘Hobo’

forgot the ‘pic’ :frowning:


There’s nose hair in the picture. :astonished: