I ordered a new toy

I just got back from my local bike store and ordered a Torker LX 24" for only $107 including 7% sales tax. I can pick it up on Monday:)

cool, you will be happy w/ it :slight_smile:
do you know how to ride yet??

no I don’t know how to ride yet:o

ohh, another cool person :slight_smile:

that might help you in the future :slight_smile:

The waaaaaaiiiiiiiiiting is the hardest part. :smiley:

^^^…doo dee dee doo doo doo (lower) doo doo doo doo

the person I bought it from at the store said that he will ride with me sometime if I want to. He has 13 unicyles of his own :astonished: :sunglasses: He is also going to assemble it for free:)

One more of us. One less of them.

wheres gild when you need him?

Hope he likes people leaning on him. :slight_smile:

how would you know :thinking:

because hes a super duper magical whoop-de-do mind reader guy.
thats how


i know! i’m trembling right now!