I ordered a Kinport Handle

Well, after a few short months with my Miyata, I’ve had to order a Kinport. I suppose it’s better in the long run.

So I say to my wife, “Looks like I need a new handle”
Her reply, “Why, what’s wrong with Sofa?”

I Tell you, pure hilarity runs in this family!


Sofa – Coupla bucks and an hour or so later you could have a nice, secure Miyata handle with no shipping delay:


You need a quick trip to the hardware store, a drill, a screwdriver, and a wrench. I don’t have instructions written yet, though, but I think Bruce has some up. The thread above has a link to the photos which have a parts list.

An hour ?!?

No Thanks!

handle tear

classic handle line sofa!

i too have encountered the same tearing problem with my standard miyata handle after a carbon air seat coversion.- the base now has no flex which has shown up the probs in the handle.

the fix shown may be fine if it is done before a tear but i think it will be less successful at suring up a handle with has already gone.

i was thinkin of odering a kinport handle as an alternative - has anyone got any comments about these?

Its solid,and it wont break, thats the upside.
The bad thing is that there is little room for your fingers at all. Its is blocky, and I dont like the look of it.
If your looking for solidity, go for it.

yeah solids good

but i have noticed only being able to get 3 fingers in the miyata one with the now necessary thick winter gloves

guess this just leaves the metal ones… readers are they called?

would they be your recomendation scott?

The Bruce Edwards fix works beautifully even after a tear like that. In fact, the handle shown was done after a tear almost exactly like Sofas and has been going strong now for months.

In my experience, there is no unicycle handle currently available that has enough room for bulky winter gloves, except for the Wyganowski Coker handle.

I found the Kinport to be uncomfortable until I modified it. See http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22333

Maybe I’ll try that BE fix, and keep it as a spare. Or keep the Kinport (that’s due in today) as a spare.

Can’t go wrong with extra parts