i now hate my torker kiddie seat

to work off some happiness that came with some good news, i decided to ride a circuit around arlington, ~1am. due to poor planning, i didn’t quite do it, but my round trip was more than thirty miles. and now, my uni:

steel torker wheel
torker kid-sized saddle
yuni 26" frame
torker vp-877 pedals
miyata 102mm cranks
hoggy g

spending that much time on that saddle, i finally realized that for the past two months, i’d been mistaking ‘comfort’ for ‘numbness’. right now, i’m walking around bow-legged like a cowboy

Re: i now hate my torker kiddie seat

How’d that song go?

Well I’m a Long Tall Texan, I wear a Ten Gallon Hat!:smiley:

Kiddy seat sucks for sure!

The best thing about a Torker kid size seat is when you throw it away! I would hope by now you opted for the adult Torker with grab handle in front.
This seat is also very easy to convert to air pillow which is nice on the buns and boys!

actually, i sorta favor the viscount. especially the colors

Did you see this?


I got a torker unistar, and I’m waiting for my air cushion and stuff so I can convert it(it hurts to ride on long rides).

ten dollar shipping?