I need your suggestions!

I’m looking to get a unicycle for my husband for Christmas. He’s been wanting one for a while. He used to ride BMX freestyle bikes in High School (about 15 years ago). He knows a lot about bikes, and I know nothing.

I’m having the hardest time picking one out. They say to get a 20" for freestyle, but a 24" is best for beginners. Some web sites say to go by the inseam, others say to go by the type unicycling you want to do. I think his inseam is about 30" (with sneakers) and to be honest I’m not sure if he’d want it for freestyle riding or riding to and from school (he’s a university professor).

Then we move onto brands. Some of the ones I’ve come up with are Schwinn and Torker. I don’t want to spend a ton b/c I’m assuming that once he learns how to do it he’ll want to pick out more expensive one himself, but I do want to get him a good one and a comfortable one.

I know there is so much more to consider but I’m lost with all the terminology.

Any thoughts/opinions?


for commuting, the best would be a 29er or a 36er. But that would be very hard to learn on.


the torker lx (24 or 20 inch) is very good, and from what ive heard is pretty strong for a beginner uni.

A Torker LX is a popular first choice, best bang for the buck unicycle. My first uni was a 24" one. A 20" would be fine for a beginner too. The 24" would ultimately be better for covering small distances, like cruising around a university.

For the seatpost go with 300mm. I just got my friend into unicycling and he bought a 20" Torker LX. They are selling torker lx unicycles on ebay all the time. My friend bought his for pretty cheap. I would suggest getting a 24" LX.

Welcome to the forums ktd

I have a 30" inseam also and ride a 20" and 29" unicycle.

As a beginner I started with a 20".

Chris.James has given a link to Unicycle.com for what would probably suite your husbands needs as a beginner unicycle. Nice gift, wish my wife did the same for me!

Give unicycle.com a call on their 1800 number for advice, they can answer all your queries. The phone lines are staffed with actual unicycle riders who know what they’re talking about.

Another good source of information is available here on these forums.

Hope this helps.

I’d just like to throw out there that I think buying the Torker LX is a waste of $100.

The seat is VERY uncomfortable, and doesn’t attach the same way as the “popular” (Kris Holm) seats, therefore you can’t just switch it out.

The axles/cranks are quite weak, I bent mine REALLY bad and honestly didn’t do anything larger than a 12" drop on them.

My LX is almost completely un-ridable now after having only ridding it for a few months.

I know that it’s very popular, and most people will probably say that I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I would just like to give you my opinion on the matter, and I feel that I COMPLETELY wasted the $100. Yeah, it’s the cheapest option, but I’d spend another $100 and get one of the Nimbus or possibly Semcycle ones.

I don’t know anything about any of those, but I know the Torker isn’t worth throwing your money out, and hopefully someone can chime in with some good info about one of the Nimbus or Semcycle unis.

And if you think that he might like to ever use it as any sort of viable transportation, 24" is the smallest I would recommend. I’d also recommend getting splined axles. The new Nimbus’s look quite nice and have splines are are fairly inexpensive try looking here http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=1&subcat=79&cat=Cruiser+(24-inch) just as an idea.

Dude, the torker lx isnt a street or trials uni. If u weigh enough and land unperfectly u can kill a nimbus like that just the same. Ill admit nimbus is a bit stronger, but for just freestyle and commuting u rly dont need 2 spend more than 100 some bux for a decent unicycle. And the lx is decently strong, i mean, i used my friends lx 2 lrn treyflips and i also did other high intensity FLAT trix on it. The lx is a gr8 uni considering the price and its strong, just not for any drops, whether they b 4 inches or 4 feet. Now it rly is vital 2 kno what style of riding hell b doing. If its just commuting, get a 24 -29 inch. If he wants 2 do frstyle, go for the 20 inch.

One more note to Ktd

If your husband takes to unicycling be prepared he will probably want another better one latter.

The average unicyclist tends to own more than 1 unicycle. Some specialize in mountain unicycling, some street/freestyle, some commuting and long distance.

The 20" makes a great beginner, the 24 - 26" may provide a longer term commuter. The key is to get started on one he feels comfortable on. Judging for personal experience this unicycle http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=675 should give the best bang for your buck.

Owning a unicycle is like a health food addiction to life.

Good luck on your search.

yes. ive previously learn lots of tricks on a torker lx.

i recomend the 24" torker LX, for an average sized man.

p.s.-hes gonna want another, faster, better one soon.


I think you over did that a bit… she’s just looking for a gift fgs!!

The Torker LX 24" is looking like your best option here. I don’t think theres any need for people to start going on about different styles or anything, he can find that out himself…

Thank you all so much!

Thank you all so much! This has given me some great insight! I think I’m going to start with the Torker LX 24". Like a few of you said, he’ll probably want another later and at that point (once he’s got the hang of it) he can pick one out that’s more specific to what he wants. Since I’m not sure what he wants it for, I just want a starter. A way for me to say “here ya go hun, I approve, knock yourself out”- although not literally please! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Here’s a decent 20"

It has an aluminum rim and costs only 75$. I recommend a simple 20 to start on.

Uni is a bit like golf. You start with a putter, but then as you get into the game you will need more clubs. Likewise I have 4 uni’s, as is pretty normal here. So it’s always cool to have a cheap 20 around to teach people, and then he can buy something else later once he knows what he wants. It is slightly easier to begin on a 20, although many have done well with the 24. I would start with a cheap 20, then buy a good muni, later, in 24 ", if he wants that size.

One thing I don’t like about the Torker, is they use a unique bearings size, that they charge 30$/pair for. The Dimension bearings are a standard size and could be replaced for 5 $, should you need to someday.

Which Unicycle


Does your husband want to ride MUni or do freestyle riding?
How tall is your husband? What kind of budget do you have for this Uni?

Answer those three questions and we should be able to find the perfect Uni for him.


They have all already been discussed/answered. Just… read the thread.

if i where you i would get him a basic Sun brand unicycle with a 24’ wheel you can get them at most bike shops if they don’t have them in stock or don;t stock them they can order them most of the time for free or a small fee and they cost around $170-$200. but the nice thing about this for your husband is a 24’ wheel is between a freestyle unicycle and a commuter unicycle so you can do a few tricks on them and ride them a pretty long distance i rode mine about a mile and a half before i got new unicycle. and this a good unicycle for beginners because there durable i put mine through hell and it just broke because of the cheap peddles they come with but there good for learning and commuting but if he wants to jump off things like a curb, stairs, and things like that you need to upgrade them because they will ruin the crank arms. but other then that its a good beginner unicycle.
good luck to your husband if you get him one.(=