I need to hop further

does anyone have any tips for me on gapping large distances right now i can consistantly gap about 2 feet

  1. Go to a grass field (2-400 yards).
  2. Gap across it.

It will be exhausting and tedious, but you will gain gapping skill very quickly.

try hopping steps or summit like that

is this a rolling gap or side gap?

for side gap get two pallets and place them X distance apart and gap that until it seems really easy. move them farther apart. repeat.

for rolling, find a parking lot and just go rolling hop lines and stuff.

I’m bored, so I made a video for you.

Watch it! (You’ll need the free DivX codec to do so.)

I hope it helps. I don’t tuck very much because I didn’t need to… the gap is about five and a half feet (1.6 meters). Watch videos of people like Yoggi and see how much they tuck. I would go out and get a better video for you, but my trials uni is broken :frowning:

Anyway, I hope that helps.


Wow, that video is great, thanks for the demo. Awesome gap.

You maybe just dont care

but im trying this tecnic

It worked for me.
Of course, I am not the most accurate gapper.

I think I will take two 6x6 bricks and gap back and forth between them to build accuracy.

Sounds like a great idea, I’m going to try it today, want to beat my brother at gapping :angry: I hope the grass is a bit dry, or I’m not going to enjoy this alot

"(You’ll need the free DivX codec to do so.) "
I went online an downloaded it so now how do i get it to play my computer keeps trying to play it on quicktime?

Thats because you dont have window media player

Windows Media Player always lags when I play DivX videos. Use the Divx Player that came with the bundle you downloaded… it should be on your start menu.

He doesn’t have WMP, or it’s not the default for .avi files. If you can’t find the DivX Player, open up Windows Media Player and open the movie through there.