i need some help...

so, i’ve been unicycling for over two years, so i’m not exactly new to unicycling, but i really want a coker so i can ride it to school and my work, but i have to be honest, i don’t know all the parts i need… so, if one of you could help a unicycling brotha out, and let me know all the parts i need, i’d love you forever.

also, if you have anything for sale, i’m looking for coker stuff.


I’ve never used a coker before(or know much about them), but couldnt you just buy one without getting seperate parts? :thinking:

Or do you mean upgrades?


well, i would, but i don’t think it’d last me very long. i’d rather each part seperately and get the more expensive parts so it lasts me longer.

Watch the Trading Post forum on this site, cokers (or other 36"ers) come up every so often on there, or look on unicycle.com for a new one. If you want to build your own you will need:
hub (isis is handy, but square taper is ok too)
spokes and nipples
rim (aluminum is lighter but steel will be ok for a beginner cokeur)
tire (either coker of wheel TA)
pedals (any are ok, this is mostly personal preference)
Tube and rim tape
frame (Nimbus is good, but any frame will do)
seatpost (make sure it matches the seat and frame)
seat (Kris Holm saddles are generally accepted as the best stock saddle, but carbon fiber is a lighter stronger more expensive option)
handle (the nimbus handle is great)

after that it’s just assembly and finding some good routes to ride! Have fun!


Just saw This in the trade forum. It would be an excellent choice if you’re willing to sped the mone on it.

These are the best and worst of times

For buying a 36 uni. Bad because the airfoil rim supply ran out. So you can’t buy a 36 with the “good” wheel today.
From there the news gets better. The last set of airfoils was of questionable size, and hopefully the new ones will come out soon, that can fit both tires.
The new Coker Co. 36 is due any day now. Perhaps it will be so cool that present 36 riders, like Terry, will buy one. So perhaps the market of used 36’s will expand soon. But for today you are out of luck.
Actually, assuming you can lace a wheel, you can buy a radial 360 with the steel wheel today, and upgrade the spokes and rim later. They charged so much more for the airfoil-stainless wheel setup, that you aren’t saving much buying it that way.

thanks fellas, i have a pretty good idea what to do now.


Just a little notice for you and for others:
next time make a more verbose subject-title.
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This looks like what you’re looking for…

It’s a Nimbus 36er with a nameless double-walled rim. “Special Edition” they call it.

On UDC US they won’t be back until November and will only be avalible on a full uni, can’t remember which one but not the nimbus.