I Need Some Help

Okay this has been driving me crazy as I can’t find the answer. Maybe you guys can help me out.

Okay, there are these plastic things that cover the spokes of a uni/bike wheel. It is like 2 plastic discs, one on each side of the wheel and it is held in place by bolts that go through the spokes of the wheel. I have no idea what they are called and I can’t find them anywhere!

Does anyone know what I am talking about?!

I’d post a picture but I can’t even find one… argh.

For some reason I vaguely remember a picture of Kris Holm with one of these things on his unicycle. But I haven’t been able to find that either.

Sorry I don’t know much but I think they maybe refered to as wheel covers, disc cover, wheel disc, or spoke covers. I found two guides to help you make some http://www.biketcba.org/TRICORR/projects/disks/covers.html


I think this one you can buy, but it’ll probably be the wrong size.

Hope that is some help anyway.

why would you want one?

This is great! Thanks a ton!

Playing hockey, the ball will very occasionally get stuck in someone’s spokes. The rider whose wheel the ball gets stuck in is committing a foul. I had wheel disks on my Ringmaster for several years specifically to prevent hockey balls getting stuck in my spokes (it also stops anyone accidentally putting their stick through your spokes), and I used to see quite a few other riders playing hockey with wheel disks.

I don’t know where to get one from now. In the early ‘90s they were fashionable on cheap kids’ bikes, and some shops that sold such bikes also sold cheap 20" disks. I found mine about 10 years ago in a LBS somewhere in the Manchester area that I just happened to be passing. Wheelchair suppliers apparently sometimes sell them, but they’re likely to need some modification to fit a 20" wheel.

My disks eventually failed at the attachment points. One day I might get round to making a new one - thanks for the link, Dan.