I need some good karma...

It’s been a rough winter in the northeast. We’ve had a total of about 12.5 feet, but what remains now are 8ft snowbanks and about 20 inches of solid ice where it hasn’t been plowed, shoveled, salted, danded, and otherwise dealt with.

I’ve kept up my riding, despite the weather and the bitter cold. After all, by the time the snow melts, it will be June, and I’ll be heading to Nova Scotia. So, I rode in the cold, and the snowstorms, and the wind, keeping Ride The Lobster in my mind, swearing that I would not let my teammates down (even though they both live and train in warmer climates.

So, I got a new helmet, new gloves, new MP3 player, ordered a new unicycle, took the weekend off work so I could do a long-awaited and much needed 40-mile ride. I bragged about it, I told people to watch for me, I talked to a newspaper about getting some pictures taken for a nice article… it was kind of a big deal.

About 12 hours before I planned to start, I landed myself in the emergency room with intense chest pain. The doc said I had pericarditis, which is an viral inflammation of the lining of my heart. They could treat the inflammation, but not the virus, so I’d have to take it easy for a couple weeks, and wait for my body to fight it off.

Oh, and no unicycling.

“But, doc, I’m training for a race. It’s the biggest, longest, most grueling unicycle race in history! I have to ride,” I protested.

“Well, if you really get your heart rate going, it’s going to inflame your pericardium, which makes your heart work a lot harder that it should. So, if you keep riding, and don’t give it some time to get better, you’re going to be riding that race with a lot of chest pain, and a very tired heart.”

So, I didn’t ride that weekend, or the week after. Coincidentally, it was the nicest week we’ve had in almost four months. Now that I’m nearly recovered, it’s gotten very cold and windy.

So, it’s either bad luck, or bad karma, but I need to turn it around soon.
Monday, I get checked out to see if I’m okay to start riding again. I should be getting my new unicycle any day now, but until then, I’m just staring at my coker in the corner, just waiting…

Glad to hear that your getting over that inflammation. You did the right thing postponing that epic ride. Not worth the possibility of doing somthing that could lead to additional complications. So maybe it was good karma, that gave you enough warning to put off the ride. One of these days this cold windy weather has to end. Will be looking forward to hearing how great the ride was.

So what is the new uni?