I need some gloves

i tried to use some gloves for the first time today and i love them they give me so much better grip and stops my fingers from ripping up so now i need some good gloves. i’ve heard the kh pulse gloves are big and hot so i’m not sure what to get.

i dont kno much about the kh gloves but i just got the bombodier fox gloves they have a little carbon fiber on the last two knucklesand they are super comfortable

You can look at full fingered mountain bike gloves. But they can be a bit expensive ($20 to $40) so I like to find them on sale.

Another option is to look at the contractor style gloves at Home Depot. You might find something suitable there and they don’t cost nearly as much as mountain bike gloves.

Or mechanics gloves at discount autoparts stores.

mine are mountain biking gloves but they were only about $25 but they last for a long time and are well worth the money

I personally LOVE my KH Pulse gloves.
Yes, they are warm, but i guess thats what i like so much about them.
I have bad circulation in my hands and prefer them to be warm than cold (they go blue very easily when cold or a sudden change of temperature comes).
I recommend the KH Pulse all the way:)

I use these. Not too hot, very grippy and protective from concrete scrapes. I would reccomend them.

I use Ironclad gloves https://www.ironclad.com/www/index.jsp

I have used them for work, HVAC mechanic and have been using them for unicycling the past 2 years. They can be purchased at your local hardware store. They can also be thrown in the washer after your ride so that they are sweet smelling the next time that you need them.

hey, i personally love the Try-all gloves they are pretty damn awesome. they are SO comfortable. i have had alot of experience with tons of gloves but by far these are the most comfortable, and they have grip pads on the tips of the fingers so you will not loose any grip on the seat! check them out at www.try-all.com and addtionally if you are interested in buying a pair you can get them through www.division8.ca

Get motocross gloves. That’s what I use and they work really well. Although that might be a tad on the expensive side. If you want I could mail you a pair, I have a bunch that I don’t use anymore.

I just use some cheap baseball gloves that i found new in my garage :stuck_out_tongue:

i know from experience that KH gloves protect the wrist. i think that is the most inportent aspect of a glove. my gloves are always very damp from sweating and its not to big of price to pay for the protection.

what size do you where? i have tried medium and large and they both seem to fit well but the medium are better. that would be great if you have one of those two sizes, i will pay for shipping and a little for the glove if you need me to. they are spendy right around $30 for a new pair. if thats not possible i’ve been looking at the sixsixone gloves i like the SX-1 model. i am also thinking about getting the 4 x 4 knee shin guards but there isn’t much in sock on the site.

i just use me dirtbike gloves oneal reaction gloves they are, used to use thor core gloves, dirtbike gloves work well