I need people for my vid!

ill can try and film some freestyle on the weekend. Im in the middle of exams right now so this will give me an excuse to go for a ride. Plus ive got heaps of new tricks ive been wanting to get on camera.

I’ll film the stuff, nothing to great, but I’ve founf some good trials lines near my house.

Plus stuff that was all taken at higher levels will make the video feel more together, if you have varying levels of quality throughout it then it will make it look uglier, I found that the previous colab videos would have been way better if people had used similar level of cameras. Plus I find that you can still tell on youtube when someone used a crappy camera compared to a good one. Shaun’s vids look alot better than many other peoples videos because he uses a better camera. Plus he rips :stuck_out_tongue:

I use my dads camera. It’s a few years old, but It cost a lot. good thing I didn’t have to buy it:p

Yeah it’s good to say about the camera thing.

I really appreciate all the filming going on. If everyone just films there best stuff (maybe only like 8 clips or whatever with some natural shots and stuff we have a two person part) it will turn out to be an amazing video. I’m use to spending around 30 to 40 minutes on one clips (if it’s a manny pad). This makes me know it’s my best stuff. Not just something I can go out and hit anytime. Please keep this in mind for my video. I don’t just want it throwen together. I’ll push back time longer if people need it. It’s at the last friday of september right now. Two weeks should be enough for me to produce a full part. (Depending on work) If others need more time that will be fine. It will take awhile to edit. BTW send anything you have as soon as you can so I can start working on it as early as possible. This movie will have a lot of humor in it, and one game, shhhhh, it’s all a secret though. haha. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Work is looking good for this week and next so everyone has until friday of next week. I ask you please to send a lot of the stuff as early as possible so i’m not slammed for all the editing in one day.

The filming went down well for me today and I hope everyone who is in this vid is doing well. Can’t wait for the finished product.

-Shaun Johanneson

Still need people

Right now I have about 4 main riders. I need some more input from other riders for the friends part. Please help, lol. It’s looking good over here though.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s.Without you guys, it will just be a solo part with me.

I may talk to Jason or Tony in Ottawa to see if I can borrow their camera if so then I would hopefully be able to get some sweet O-town footage. I have been wanting to 180 the 8 set at the skatepark but if I fall I want it on video so this will be a good way to push myself to go for it.

Well, I’m nowhere near the level you or anyone else in your vids are, I have a torker LX with a steel crank from a begginers uni that I put on because I bent the stock one. It bends frequently, I have to jump off a ledge right foot forward to bend it back!:smiley: My camera quality sucks, I have to use a tripod because I can’t get a good camera man, and I live in Ohio, but I could do some crash clips if you need them!:smiley: Or, for some reason if youneed clips of someone really bad, I could supply those too!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I should have a new vid out by the end of the week. If it’s out soon enough you could use any of it that you wanted.

Here’s my video I made a while back. I’m better than I was then, I can ride backwards for a while, and I landed a 180 unispin a couple of times.