I need people for my vid!


What up everyone? I’m undertaking another part for a video by hopefully friday. But this time I want other riders in a almost full length video (done in parts for youtube, lol). I need about 6 main riders (Myself, Kelly H., Bryan S, that’s all of right now). You can film all the way to Friday night and send them to slash2461@hotmail.com. I need clips from other people too for the friends part, so if you don’t have enough time, or think your skill isn’t up to par for a whole part, you can just send some clips to me and i’ll get them into the friends part, WHICH I NEED, SO YOUR CLIPS ARE WANTED! lol. I would like to get some from you KEVIN M, as well as Ryan A. (Hey we are on the same team man ;)). For those awaiting viewing you can imagine the level of riding I hope to get into this. So I hope it’s something to be excited over. If filming goes badly I’ll let film go into the weekend and into monday or tuesday. But I want this out by at least two wednesdays from now. Any other information you want you can ask me by e-mail, msn, or p.m. I’ll be happy to answer anything.

Shaun Johanneson

P.S. Falls are wanted as well, and any clever own intro parts or outro parts you can think of.

If you really need extra people, I can send you a few things. Here’s a short video I made a couple weeks ago. If you don’t want me, that’s fine, I’ll just be happy watching it. :slight_smile:

Although I’m sure you won’t have any problem with people wanting to be in it.

im not good enough to give you much, but i can probably come up with something today

You actually should have until around monday if need be. Since editing will take awhile. I just need the most of the footage by friday so I have stuff to work with. If you people need more time i can let it go longer. I don’t mind. I would rather have a really good video than I video done in alittle time.

A few things:
-Make sure if the riding is street shots aren’t done at eye level.
-I’m looking for all styles of riding, freestyle, flatland, street, trials, muni is limit though sorry munists.
-If you could, hopefully the camera is over about 400$. Lol. Make sure it uses mini dv tapes.
-Send the files titled wiht your first and last name. Also make sure they are mpeg, wmv, or avi. Mov I think i can work with too, not sure on that one. try to have them in the best quality for the quickest send time. Around 8 mbs per minute. Around there.
-Tripod shots are cool, i love them, but make sure you get close to the object or use angles to get the most in your shot with the wheel being the closest so we can see waht’s goign on. Mainly fur street stuff. Check some of my vids for the zoom feature and what not if you need ideas.

-Shaun Johanneson

great idea


I just filmed a bunch for a new vid i’m working on, so i’ll see if i can send you a few clips.

Shaun, Listen buddy, I’m sorry, but my wheel is broken again, so I can’t get any more footy right now. However, I have slowly been collecting some clips, and once I get up and riding again, I’m gonna be getting a video out for everyone. Can’t wait to see this one though!


how did u bust ur wheel

Hopping over a 7 set rail… I made it over and and cleared the set, but the impact apparently wasn’t good for the wheel…

hehe, I’m adding that to my sig :wink:

do the people have to be very good to be in the vid?

I will try to film a few things, it will give me an excuse to get more consistant with doubles and 540 unispin and some other stuff.


Kevin it’s cool no worries. Aqunamatata. haha. Something like that. So far I have like 4 people as main riders :(. haha. But sall good. I have a title for the vid and everything. This vid will have some funny stuff in it too. You just wait. haha. laters

-Shaun JOhanneson

OOO! I might be able to film one or two things…

Im good at falling off…


Also if there isn’t a whole lot of footage but it’s good between 2 riders I’ll group them at your consent, or desire. (If you want to be grouped with someone else that’s cool with me.)

-Shaun Johanneson

Why do u need such good quality if your just posting it on youtube?? i could send it some stuff, but it would be from a digital camera, its not bad quality video…

so… basic its just like the other collaboration videos in the past?

I want good quality because personally I hate looking at footage from digital cameras. Too choppy of stuff.

Yeah like other vids but better. I have a few twists in this one. Should be good.

-Shaun Johanneson

for some reason my brain inserted the word “naked” into this thread title…

well, i’ll try to get some footage to you. I’m not the best (nowhere close), but it would be cool to see what else turns up in this video.