i need pedal help!!!!

i broke my pedals and i want to get a pair thats not to expensive like $30-45 is my price range i weigh about 230 pounds i need a steel pair if possible just so i can do stairs, curbs, around 2’ drop offs, and gaps.:smiley:

primo tenderizers are pretty beefy…


Felt the feel at my LBS, really nice, thinking about getting them for my next unicycle. I’m sure you could find a better price online somewhere though.

hey zero? did ya get yur new uni yet?
the kh?

wut is the best most durable material for pedals because i was looking a a pair of odyssey JC platform pedals is this a good freestyle pedal or is there a better stronger pair. :thinking:

Odyssey jimmy cs are practically unbreakeable.

I disagree, I know of 3 people who have broken the pedal body into two pieces in my city alone. But those people are also BMX and MTBers who are seriously rough on their equipment.

I still ride them though.