I need new knee/shin guards

So here’s the thing I have 661s, but they are really itchy. I want some new guards. I like that the 4x4s cover my calves, but I would like something that has neoprene rather than that itchy nylon. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kris Holm Percussion. Enough said. 661’s really don’t even compare. They KH’s opened up a whole new world for me. They’re much thicker, yet not as hot (somehow). And despite the thickness of the padding, they’re much less bulky. That may be one big paradox, but I swear its true.

if you need knee protection too, get the percussion. if you just need shin the get lizard skins, because they are really good, and have a palstic peice in the shin area so you really have to wack yourself for it to hurt.

The Best Leg Protection Ever! Period!

I use the Azonic Neoprine. They are the best most comfortable shin ankle knee and calf protectors of all time! Period. They are also really simple durable and easy to put on and take off. Getting the correct size is very important. I bought the large size used from a worker at a bike shop for $10. They were great for winter riding when I put them on over my jeans. They were just to big and rotated when I wore shorts. So I therefore got the small and they are perfect when not wearing long pants. Yes, they are somwhat hot but not more than other brands that I have tried. Keep in mind that I live in Israel and it is hot here!

I would buy them from here at $30.

For reviews look at

Check out a shit load of other Knee/Shin protectors


KH’s do the job for me

get the Kh’s they are sweet, the 661’s are good but not as good

Azonic Leg Armor

I like the KH percussions but the Azonics are just more comfortable and easier to put on and take off. I also feel that I get much better knee protection with them. Don’t get me wrong I love KH equipment and would not trade any of my KH unicycles for the world but the Azonic leg armor that I linked above is the best protection that you can get. The two layers of thick neoprin really protect the calf and that is hard to find nowadays.


The KHs look good, but the Azonics look just as nice and more reasonably priced. Thanks for all the help guys.

I have the KH Percussions, which I’ve ridden now for just two rides. Love the fact that they’re easy to get on and off. But I’ve had some rubbing on the back of my knees where the elastic goes across; I’m used to the coverage from the 661s there, I guess. We’ll see if I get used to it, or what. I don’t know that, in terms of the OPs question, there’s an appreciable difference between the 661s and the KH.