I need levels help

I was reading a post and someone had a link to levels. Wow! I never knew unicycling actually has rules for some of the stuff we do. Anyway, I wanted to see what level I was honestly at and thought it would be fun to work on stuff in order. I bombed out on 3. I have never rode with stomach on the seat ( I don’t see a real problem there plus I never saw a need for it) but the one thing I need help with is other SIMPLE mounts. I can mount with either foot but what other SIMPLE ones are there? (Videos?). I was really surprised when they said show 10 mounts in level ten. I can’t even imagine ten mounts! Ha! Anyway… If some of you can tell me or link me to your videos that show simple mounts I would appreciate it.

try the jump mount, the suicide mount, kick mount, seat wrap mount… endless possibilities of gettign onto a unicycle

Are these in the SIMPLE category?

it depends if you good or not :wink:

I went to a ‘beginners mounts’ workshop in Unicon.

Lars taught us the static mount, the roll back mount, the step backwards mount (don’t know if that’s what it’s called), the leg around mount, the reverse leg around mount and the kick up mount. I can only do the first two.:smiley:


Regarding seat on stomach, it’s incredibly easy and slightly helpful for learning SIF.

List of mounts I can do from easy to hard(sorta)

reverse side
side with leg around
180 jump
reverse side with leg around
side with leg around twice
360 jump mount

after that, there’s always mounts directly into skills…notably hard would be rolling jump mount into coasting, but you can mount directly into almost any riding skill(and I think it counts)

Do any of you have videos of these or should I just you tube them?

I might be persuaded to make a video of skill levels up to 8…

Don’t count on it anytime soon. In fact, by the time I actually do it I may be level 9 or 10.

I’m mostly riding street right now, so maybe not…

Well normally I would thank you for it but I think I’ll wait till you’re not so busy

Lots of skill videos here.

Well, you could always try the;

  • Mount whilst holding on to a wall
  • Lamp post assisted mount
  • A shoulder to lean on mount
  • Mount next to a fence
  • Wheel resting on kerb mount

Or if you’re feeling flash, free mount strait in to a dismount.



Ok STM not that simple. THat was funny. TO think, When I was 12 the first mount I learned was the infamous “hold onto the fire hydrant for dear life mount”, Ha! …does that count?

i learned jump mount 2nd after rollback

go on grass (helps with confidence) put you pedals in hopping position parallel to the ground hold the front of the seat and jump on. when you can commit and do it on grass move to concrete


(both under “mounts” heading)

That link is by far the best I have seen. Thank you

Me too, actually.
Nah, after static as well.