I Need KH 140mm Cranks!

The other day I was out riding and my pedal came loose, so I tightened it, but I tightened too much and it stripped! I have a demo on April 16th and 17th, and a trials competition on May 8th. Unicycle.com is sold out of them so I want to know if anyone has any I can buy or a website that I can buy from,

If you can’t find any, i hear theres a bike company named Haro that makes cranks that fit the KH hub. Heres my thread:


I assume just inquire at your LBS.

good luck!

talk to Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles.

Thanks very much, I really didnt want to miss ou ton a demo and competetion, its in warsaw IN if anyone is around

I can repair your KH crank if you send it to me.
It will cost you about 20.00

I have repaired lots of pedal threads for others.
You don’t need new cranks !

Send me a e-mail if you want more info.