I need info on the 07 KH rim

I need some info on the 2007 KH trials rim. I need to kno how in compares in strength to the previous KH rims and the Alex rims. Those drilled holes just make me wary of the rim…It looks so weak to me…Someone please reassure me. Like post a vid of some crazy drops or wicked stairs sets to ease my mind.


Here is some nice flatspots on a drilled rim, just to bug you.

But thats a 26", a mod would be stronger and Neil goes so big he could have done that to any rim probably.
Also when unis land drops they dont have a brake clamped down on the rim.

1, Those are stock rims.

2, Two of those were over ground rims.

3, Thats Neil Tunnicliffe, You wont be able to stress a rim nearly as much as he can.


Just to BUG HIM.

Not many mod rims have broken. They tend to just go out of true. Tryall rims are the worst people say, Softer alloy. Xavier collos broke a tryall rim, but that was doing a 9 set.

Yeah, Dumpweed jumped off a 5 foot ledge and landed dead stopped and his rim is fine (Alex DX32), but his hub and cranks bent like mad.

Dx32’s are about as strong as mod rims get. Also not drilled.

Dude, in the video Borgshwateverness linked at 2:50 the guys rear wheel like blows up!

I should have just signed up with the username Dan.

But yeah, that guys wheel just implodes on itself.

I’ve done many drops with no rollout, landed sideways when failing 180’s when going quite fast, and my rim isn’t out of true at all. I myself actually thought it was going to go out of true very fast or just straight up break soon. It may look weak, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

You can’t judge a rim by it’s wall thickness or lateral strength :smiley:

how strong is a bmx rim in comparison to a trials rim?

Depends which rims you are talking about.

assuming you say they have the same internal and external design, the Trials is probably 3x stronger

if someone gives me a KH i will test it and see!!
i have a nice 6’ wall and a gap to flat i would like to do.

Wow …Thanks for like nothing guys…All you did was get way off topic…Anyone care to offer some real help

I’m curious what you guys think are the strongest rims…

Do a search…I really need this info guys…Could we please keep on topic.

Not that this really helps but it is on topic.
My brother has the 07 KH rim on his uni. He just got his cast off and hasnt done anything big yet so he hasnt had any problems. Slightly less on topic i have a Try all rim and it hasnt broken although ive only done drops slightly over table height.

sorry to thread jack :frowning: