I need Help!!!!

I am wondering if anyone can help me here or if they can direct me to somewhere else for help. I am trying to add my video I made to the galler but this is my first one and I am not sure what I am doing wrong to make it not work. I have downloaded the thing it says to download and then I follow the wizard to put the movie on the gallery. But then it downloads and when it gets to about the end of downloading it just stops and freezes up and doesn’t respond. So then I have to end the program. I hope I explained it right and thank you in advance for any help anyone gives me.:slight_smile:

Has this not happened to anyone else ever?

Try an alternitive upload?

(I don’t have a gallery)

What alternative upload? Like youtube? Is it easy to set up an account and upload videos there?

I mean like convert the file or something
(like on windows movie maker)

Oh ok. But I don’t know how. Thanks for the help so far. Sorry I am useless. I am just like that some days.

Search for converting files and other stuff