I need Help

I’m just re-starting to Unicycle but I’m not sure where to start. i can hop up about two pallets and go up and down hills. what should i starttrying to do next? :thinking:

i say have it with you and ride as much as possible. like if you’re going down to the store for something or whatever, uni it.

I would start trying to learn to hop sif (seat in front) You might also want to learn crankflips and unispins. It depends if you want to start doing trials, street, freestyle, muni. What kind are you into?

Also check out http://unicycletips.com/ for help on learning new stuff.

And of course just practice as much as you can

Then do MUNI!!!

darchibald, correct?

I remember you. I didn’t think one could forget how to unicycle?

He didn’t forget how to ride, it sounds like he just never collected a large repertoire of tricks.

No im not darchibald he’s my older brother however, he went to Alberta with the Canada world youth program. Soon he’ll be going to Africa with then same program.

Also thankyou for all the suggestions i’m sure it will help alot.

also learn basic tricks like idling and one foot riding

good luck