i need help

hey i really need some advice on crank stalling cause when ever i do it i can t hop up the ledge i stalled on i just fall th opposite way!!
plz help
-melts in ur mouth not in your hands

What kinds of objects are you trying to stall onto?

My advice is try and find a low (so when your crank is on the object then your tire is just barley off the ground) ledge somewhere that is nice and wide at the top. (Like 5 feet if you can). Then make sure your stabel when you go for your grab. If your already going down a crank grab isnt gonna help it. When learning I sugesst hopping with the seat under you still…

Next is the landing I try to put all your weight on your foot (Grab side) If you watch some Video’s of Kris Holm and other people that are really good at crank grabs, they often take their foot off the other pedal for balance.

The last thing is just pratice it a ton, its a hard trick to get


Chex has some good points… I learned on a log suspended above the ground so the wheel is only a couple of inches above the ground.

(http://www.flippet.org/muni/videos.html ; “pedal grabs”)

I find it much easier with the seat out than in, because then you don’t have to lean with the uni; most times it will lean outwards due to the nature of what you’re hanging from, and if you go with it you’ll fall back. I also find it much easier to hold the seat with both hands rather than just one.

Try jumping up, hanging on for a bit, then jumping down in a controlled manner and landing again. Landing on the crank is the hard bit; you’ve got to get the jump right and then be able to stay on.

With the seat in front it’s quite easy to take your opposite foot off the pedal, and often necessary to balance. Shake that foot around!

Once you’re up, the next bit starts off as sheer effort. Balance the uni so it’s leaning inwards slightly, in the direction you want to go… stand on both pedals… crouch down, then with a great cry of “yyyyaaaaaahhhhh!!!” stand up, pull the uni up, and lift your feet to get that wheel up. Grunt like you’ve never grunted before! Being seat in front helps here, because you can pull the thing up in front of you a bit, which you can’t do with the seat in.

And then… with luck… you’re up, and free to jump off again, or ride of, depending on what you’re jumping up. I started going over logs, rather than onto things; this also has the added problem of having to land once you’re over, which kept me at bay for a good while. Jumping onto things is easier than over them.

Hope this helps…

Phil, just me