I need help

Hello, I’m Paul. I live in San Francisco CA. I recently inherited an old unicycle, and I am now obsessed with it. I do not know anything about Unicycles, but I want to buy one on unicycle.com. I want a unicycle THAT I CAN DO TRICKS, but I want to be able to RIDE FAR ON STREETS. I do not need a unicycle for off road stuff. So, somewhere between a 24 and a 36? I don’t have enough money for 2 so I need everyone’s expertise. And what brand should I get? Please help!!!

Welcome to unicycling. Before you buy, consider your height. If you are under 6ft tall, you will want a smaller wheel. If you are interested in tricks and distance a 24" or 26" would be good. 20" wheels are nice but lack speed. As for brands, Nimbus has a good track record, i own a 20" trials. Kris Holm is overkill if you are just getting started but I hear they are worth the money.

I know you don’t need one for off road, but they are made very sturdy.

I ride some dirt trails and all over my small town on my Nimbus 26" Muni and love it. I got 150/125 cranks on it and love them. I never plan on going to crazy off road or anything, but wanted something that was overkill.

Nice thing is I know that nothing I throw at it is going to be to much for it.

if you mean tricks such as hopping and unispins, then you would prefer a 20, but other freestyle tricks are doable on bigger unicycles. please specify

Thanks for the feedback. Ummm i dont think i’ll be doing many hops. I guess a 26" should do it. Do you think I should get a bigger one so I could keep up with traffic? Or will 26 be big enough. Again thanks for the feedback.

Mac: I’ve never thought about how smooth the ride would be with an off road uni. You make a good point, but how much would that be compared to a non off road uni?

Shady: I am about 6’ tall. And a 26 sounds good I guess. Ill look into those brands.

Uni: I think hops are a bad idea lol. Just because I dont want to spend money on new pedals if I break them. But uni spins probably.

Again thanks for the feedback.

Hight is not usually very important

Lot’s of 5 ’ riders on 36’s, and 6’ + guys on trials, all to good effect.

I miss S.F. If you are riding in the less congested and hilly parts of S.F. , you will eventually want what all road riders want, a 36.

You say you have an old uni now. What size ? If it’s a 24 and you can ride it a mile (tape foam to the seat), you could learn to ride a 36 in a day.

I would suggest a Torker lx 24 or similar mid range uni. I can idle my 24 and ride backwards, but I can’t do that on the 36, even though I already know how. You will always get plenty of use from your 24. So there is no one good uni. Start with a decent 24, then get a 36 later if you want to take long rides.

Yah I thought about buying one now and another later, but in all honesty I think I will just settle with whatever I decide to get and forget about getting another one. This is just me being cheap lol. So should I get a 24 or something towards the middle to satisfy both wants? Oh and I have a 20" with me. Really old and rusty but its ridable. Also, I just learned how to go foward perfectly. =D I started training to go backwards today also. I still find it hard to get on the unicycle without help =/. 11 days of unicycling hehe