I Need Help!!!

I bought a 24" torker cx unicycle, and the seats sucks somthing fierce! Where can I buy a good padded seat with the front handle that is compatible with it? Also, any tips on riding would be great.

Try here: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/8/products_id/339

This is where I bought my unicycle. I don’t know about the seat but gel seems to be comfortable. I have a gel seat on my bicycle and it’s very comfortable.

If you’re in the us, go to www.unicycle.com. under unicycle parts look for a nimbus gel saddle. The kris holm ones are also an exellent choice, a little more money though.

Your also gonna need to change your seatpost to a standard 4 bolt, in the diameter that fits your unicycle.

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