I need help!

Okay so my birthdays coming up and that means new unicycle! But now, im torn between three unicycles. MY three options are…


What is the difference between that and this.


and my final choice is this…


im really confused and i need help! also, with my second choice with the green nimbus, is there any difference between the green one and another color because the seat doesnt have the same stripe so is it a different brand? plz input your choices based on your own opinions. my birthday is in july so i have a ton of time to think it over. Thanks guys!

It looks like your real question is MUni, or Trials. The hoppley, and the green uni are trials, and between them most people would say get the green one. It’s ISIS which means you have a great variety of cranks to choose; otherwise, it is virually the same and cheaper. Plus, for now the green one has a KH fusion street saddle, a bit nicer.

Between the Nimbus Trials, and MUni it comes down to what kind of riding you want to do, and how big a wheel you want. They are both highly regarded for their purpose. Once you answer these questions you can’t go wrong with either of these uni’s.

If you chose to get one of the 20" unicycles don’t get the hoppley (pink). It has an 8 spline hub and the replacement cranks are very expensive and there is not much variety. Plus the regular nimbus is way cheaper and lighter.

The onza hub isn’t 8 spline, it’s 36 splines. It is even more difficult to get cranks for it, as the only ones that ever fit it were the KH/Onza cranks.

Truthfully, you could do worse for cranks, but a new size will be very expensive. If you really want a pink uni you are just paying a lot for a cool paint job.