I need help with some tricks

Uni-spins and seat-drops are testing me :angry: . I cant get either down, Can some one help with personal experience. (or videos clips they are good)


for unispin, i concentrated on getting my feet clear of the wheel then just getting them back towards the pedals, landing on the cranks is fine.

well i dont think seat drops should be too hard. how long have you been at em? and for unispins wear shin guards if ya got em. theyll really protect you cuz yur shins will take a beating. once you get em both-combo it into a unispin to seat drop.

yea, thanks. I havent tryed them too long. But when i was learning seat out in front and behind I learnt them in about 2-3 days. So i suppose i should keep at it for longer but it is just frustrating. Do you ever feel that way???

the transition to standup ww has got me feeling like that right now. I’m playing with this 6’ giraffe someone lent me just yesterday to take the edge off though :smiley:

In the time of about 20 min i have landed 2 very shoddy seat drops. makin’ progress, i just need to learn how to get my foot off the cranks to finish. cheers for the help


Seat drop is miss miss and hit for me i have more truble geing my feet on the cranks than off

To get out of seat drop. I kinda hop in place…then while im jumping I jump but don’t bring the unicycle with me…kinda like a no footer i guess and land on the pedals. Guess Im not much help.


How do you seat drop? I thought it is when the seat dropped down infront of you, then bounces back up. :stuck_out_tongue:

you hop on cranks, pinch tight with yur feet and drop the seat and frame, then you can either bend down slightly and get it (which is what i do) or ive heard u can give it a light kick up with the foot holding it in place to return it.

I’m learning Uni spins at the moment. I’m being taught by Tony, he said the easiest way to learn is to start by doing a 90 degree jump mount, then once you get that, to do a 180 jump mount. Once you have both of those down solid, you get on the uni and try it there. I don’t know if it’s normal, but I got both the jump mounts first time I tried them, so I’m just working on the jumping on the uni. You have to be able t jump seat out front quite well (obviously :p). Also, you have to jump quite high off the pedals when you do it. Id on’t know, maybe that will help you.

Edit: It’s also good to try them on a freestyle uni with nice friendly plastic pedals too.

I dont entirely know what trick to go onto now. I tried seatdrops and unispins but have only been riding bout 3 weeks so bit to early. What to do, What to do. deep breath, sigh.
Any pointers

Stillstands. Hop-twists. Side-hops. Rolling hops. Rolling 180s. 360s? Ride up/down stairs. Ride railings & ledges with kinks & bends. Stillstands. Stillstands! My opinion is that one cannot practice “the basics” enough!

dont practice stuff like backwards, idles, and still stands in my opinion. backwards and idles just came to me and they arent that hard when youve been at it a while. and stillstands are really hard to perfect and too advanced. id say just practice 1 fters and then move to ww’s.

I don’t agree with your advice… if you don’t practice backwards, you will have a hard time “setting up” for a big rolling hop or stair set. Practicing still stands (I’m not talking 1 minute stands, just a few seconds) isn’t that hard and allows you to ride on smaller skinnies and hop with more precision and less effort. Why pass something up because it’s “really hard”? If that’s your advice, then no one would unicycle!

In my opinion, wheel walking is a tough skill, and even harder to learn without being good at backwards, idling and one-foot riding. Keep in mind that backwards riding and idling doesn’t “just come” to some people. The fact that these skills are considered “basics” doesn’t mean one should neglect them, instead, I feel they should be mastered as they will enable one to learn many more “advanced” skills with less time and effort.

As the saying goes… you must learn to crawl before you wheel walk.

when practicing seat drops it helps alot if you can hop on your cranks. i learned to hop by hopping on my cranks so it wasnt that hard. i can now even how seat out with no hands (almsot a hopping seat drop). practice a transition between hopping on cranks and riding and once you have the transition it should help you alot.

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