I Need Help With Pedal Stalling

i’ve tried many times but i keep falling on my face, any tips would help alot

I think you meant to call it “Idling”… to idle in place back an forth. Its something that takes practice.

You can try learning to ride backwards first though. Try holding onto something with either arm and ride backwards away from it keep trying til you get used to it. Thats what I do sometimes and still am working on it.

I think that whats makes unicycling fun though, it takes awhile to learn new tricks, but at the same time you dont risk really bad injuries like skateboarding on huge half pipes.

no i mean hoping up onto somthing and landing on it with your pedal

Oh… try to put all the weight on the foot your stalling with and hold the seat up… if you try to put even weight on both pedals you’ll feel the seat pushing down and it wont be comfortable to hold onto as much.

Also get the feel for stalling by subtracting the “hopping onto” part and just put your pedal on the bench or whatever it be with your foot atop it getting the feel for the stall.

Star like you are about to jump up the thing and just jump keep all of your weight on the pedal you are going to land on. At first it is easier to jump on the crank because it is better for balancing. To get up take the seat out from between your legs and lean in towards what you are getting up. Put the seat back. While still leaning in jump with all of you might(you don’t really need to jump that high) It seems hard at first but once you go for it you will find out that unless you have a 30lb uni its not actually that hard.

just use the tire’s bounce to your advantage on your prehop and be aggressive. most of the time, hopping’s all about confidence and timing.