I need help with 90-90 unispins.

How do you guys start learning this trick?

I started by just hopping on the wheel in the grass. You can either jump up there from the ground or step up. If you step up, tilt your frame to the side a little so you can put your foot right on the top of the wheel. This will keep it from rolling when you jump up with the other foot.

Once that starts to feel solid, it’s not very hard to jump up there from the pedals. Getting down is trickier, but you’ll figure it out. The main thing is getting comfortable hopping on top of the wheel.

Ok thanks i’ll give that a try. Im just afraid of doing the splits.

Is it easier if i had a bigger tire or a trials? Im riding a sun trainer with a 20x2.125 tire.

I’ve only done it on a wide trials tire, so I can’t compare. I bet it is though. You get more bounce with the bigger tire.

i’ll try it on my 24 inch i just got a 2.5 tire for it.