i need help with 180 unispin

um im having troubles landing on pedals i can get the spin but i land behind the unicycle

I put it in the beginning of my video tutorial, definitely a must have.

That’s a commitment issue, try leaning over the front of the tire before you jump. You got it now, all you have to do is commit.

ok well maybe i should get some shin pads where can i find a decent pair in canada i could order a pair of 661s but then i have to wait a week or two before getting them

John, actually Julia B has it as the second frame in the opening of her video “put shinpads on before trying any of these tricks”, good observation though and I have to agree very important!

Get some soccer shin pads that will cover your entire shin, I’m sure you can find some at a general sports equipment store near you.

i wear soccer shingueards and long socks. it definately boosts my confidence and courage. is it easier to do an inspin or a regular unispin? i dont much like SIF so i think an inspin might be easier for me to learn.

but arent unicycling shin pads better? besides i get hit in the side and back of my legs the most not the front

thats why i wear long socks

well i guess i can get that while im waiting for some good 661’s to arrive when i order them

Try some, and see which way you can get closer.

Yeah they are, but soccer ones are alright and you can get them immediately instead of waiting for unicycling ones to get shipped to you.


Exactly :slight_smile:

i guess so ill start with my old soccer shin pads and then maybe ill get some real unicycling shin pads

The best money I’ve never spend is in the shin guards xD. I can walk thank to them xD

i need to focus 100% on jumping off pedals. the rest is trial and error. but today i must stop because my right hand hurts from grabbing the seat.

yeah my hand hurts too but i think my problem is the seat is too high because im really small i should probably cut it so it will be smaller for me

i just measured my unicycle and my height, its 3feet tall from wheel to seat and im only 4 foot 7 inches so i think the uni should be a bit smaller

ok i got another question, when doing the 180 unispin is it easier to land on seat or with seat in front?

For me - personally - it is easier to do it SIF, others prefer to do it Seat In. I guess you’ll have to try and find out what you like more.

But if you decide to land it Seat-In it is called an inspin, though it does not matter for learning. :smiley:

I think it’s easier to land your first ones seat in front, but you could try a couple to seat in and see if you get closer that way.

also when im buying a new unicycle should i get a nimbus 19" trials with ISIS hub or a Kris Holm Flat Land 20"

Depends. What kind of unicycling do you want to do?

Edit: Actually, just get the Nimbus, you can do a wider variety of things with it. The KH Flat Land is a sick uni but you can’t really experiment with street or trials on it.

ok thats good cause the nimbus is cooler (it can be green) and its like 250$ cheaper

ok wait so does it matter if i get nimbus trials or Kris Holm Trials or should i just get nimbus