i need help with 180 unispin

i cant 180 unispin no matter how much i try anyone have any helpful tips?

first learn the jump mount, then the 180 jump mount, then practice jumping off of the pedals.

You don’t really need the 180 unispin mount, practice no footers, and then practice no footers with your hands in unispinning position (hands together in the middle of the seat), and once you can do big no footers like that you should be able to get the trick easily. If you want I can make a video to show all these steps. :slight_smile:

  • The higher you jump, the more time to adjust your landing.
  • The faster you spin, the earlier you uni is in position.
  • Don’t jump too much.
  • Countdown, and execute it on zero (even if you think you will fail from the position you have then).
  • Don’t push on the unicycle while landing.
  • Bend a little over your seat before you jump.
    Further, just see for yourself what you fine comfortable: SIF or landing on the seat.

ok if you could make a video that would be great because i dont know how to do a nofooter

I think the most dificult part of 180 unispin is the no footer xD.

This is a video of a 180 unispin.

no footer tips?

You need to be able to hop seat in front. then you learn the 180 jump mount (although that can mess you up, depends on the rider). To do a 180 jump mount, jump up onto the unicycle and spin the unicycle 180 degrees at the same time and land on the cranks. Once you’re consistent with this, go for a 180 unispin. Get on with the seat in front, holding the seat with one hand on the front and the other on the back (have your left hand in front if you hop left foot forward and your right hand in front if you hop right foot forward) and find your center of balance by hopping. When you’re ready, jump up while keeping the unicycle on the ground. Don’t let the unicycle come up with you. Spin the unicycle 180 degrees and land on the cranks. Don’t take too long with this trick, it won’t be fun if your trying it for months and aren’t landing it, just do it. If you want, I could put a tutorial up for you.

I wonder, why would that be a problem or more difficult?

i have just been trying this, but my main problem is that the uni comes up with me. however, i just landed a couple 180 jump mounts for the first time.

so wait when i am going to 180 unispin am i supposed to hop with the unicycle or by myself?

hop off the unicycle by yourself, otherwise you wont be able to spin the uni. you have to jump enough to be able to spin it.

Well, it’s best if you keep it on the ground. You don’t want to bring it up really high.

I don’t know if it matters for just 180 unispins, but it’s certainly not better because later you definitly have to bring the unispin up to get bigger spins (360s, 540s, ect).

I made a little tutorial that’s rendering now, I’ll post the link here when it’s up.

For the moment you should try to let your uni at the ground. It will cause more time to adjust your uni and to land on it’s cranks. Plus it will make your cranks staying horizontaly. It may cause in a beatiful failure if they’re not. :smiley:

Just find something to hold on - if you find something, that’s above your head, it’ll be perfect - and try to get off your pedals a bit while putting some weight on your seat to hold your uni in position. You really don’t need to get that high. Jump straightly up and let the gravity bring you back down. :wink: Maybe you want to land on your cranks first, as you may feel more stable.

Once you feel good with the no-footer you should try to find a hand position that’s comfortable for you to spin your uni 180°. I prefer to put both hands on the left side, spinning my uni to the right.

After that it may help you to learn this 180 jump mount thing. At least it is - in my opinion - not that helpful for the 180 unispin but it can help you loosing some fear. :smiley:

Well and after this … it’s time to go for the unispin finally. :roll_eyes: You will have to find out whether it is easier for you to jump high enough to let your wheel pass your legs or if it is easier to spread your legs horizontaly to let it pass. I ususally spread my legs, not jumping that high, but of course high enough to have some time to adjust my uni. :smiley: Well this may be a bit confusing, just try it out for yourself.

Maybe you want to hold on something for your first tries, don’t get frustrating if you don’t seem to land even 1 of 100 unispins. As the time goes by it will get better and you will able to “land” let’s say at least 50/100 tries. Once you are that far you should stop holding on on anything and start doing it without any help. It will be easier to have both hands on your seat than only having one hand on it. Plus you will have more balance - or let’s name it control - spinning your uni. You will be scared. Really scared, I know that feeling. :smiley: You need to push yourself. Start jumping to find your balance, count your bounces. At let’s say your fifth bounce you should jump. Spin your uni. Focus on landing on your cranks. You won’t land it at your first try or even your second or third. But you will land it if you are just trying and trying and trying. And it will feel great. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, thanks for the video i still cant do the No footer when the seat is in front

It’s just a bunch of practice, I bet if you spend like another 30 minutes just practicing seat in front no footers you’ll have them down pat. :slight_smile:

I may have missed something, but it doesn’t look like anyone has mentioned leg armor yet. Want to boost your confidence? Make your legs impervious to pedals! Such products weren’t available when I learned the 180, but we didn’t used pinned pedals either.

For further assistance on these tricks, consider giving us a picture of what’s going wrong beyond “still can’t do it”. Are you trying it? Are you trying to land on the pedals? What’s happening?