i need help wheel walking

Im new here, and would like any and all tips anyone has on how to effectively wheel-walk.

If you’re going from riding yet, slow right down before starting to wheel walk. Everyone I’ve seen learning (including me when I did) to wheel walk falls off the front in the early stages. I find wheel walking best on either my trials uni or my muni rather than my freestyle uni. One foot ww-ing I find easier on the freestyle uni though.

Good luck,

thanx andrew, ill try that. this is not one of the easier trix ive tried to learn.

There are some wheel walking tips at the unicycling.org web page.
Wheel Walking tips
They’re linked from the skill levels page

There are also some wheel walking tips at Tammy and Tanya’s web page

When you are wheel walking you have more weight at the front of the unicycle because your legs are hanging out there in front of the wheel. You need to lean back more to counter that extra weight out front. That is a very uncomfortable feeling until you get used to it. Pushing your butt back like you’re trying to make your butt as big as possible will help get some weight back without being too far back.

My mantra while wheel walking is “heel, toe, heel, toe…”. Start with your toe on the wheel and finish with your heel on the wheel. Thinking “heel, toe, heel, toe” will help you get full foot strokes. Letting your heel dig into the tire at the end of the foot stroke will help you keep control of the wheel. If you take your heel off the wheel too soon you’ll find you have little control over the wheel at that instant and you’ll go “wham” flat on your back.

You’re likely to fall flat on your back at least once while learning to wheel walk. When it happens you can land on your back hard. You should consider wearing a helmet, gloves and elbow pads until you get used to wheel walking. I was glad I had elbow pads on when I took a quick spill off the back of the unicycle while learning wheel walking.

i tried it got 3 ft and got a little bord i want to learn gliding so how far should i be able to wheel walk before i go to 1ft then to gliding?

Errr… That should be “toe, heel, toe, heel, …”