i need help urgently about my seat

can someone help me i dont no what ive done,the seat bolts have become free moving within the seat so i cant tighten it,its just lose soeone please help i need my seat fixed asap im doing a unicycle demo on saturday and dont have a spare seat.

its a nimbus gel seat i was thinking about pulling it apart then putting new carrigage bolts in?

You may not need new bolts, you may just need to get the bolts back in the holes they are meant to be in. Either way, it’ll mean pulling the seat apart. To do this, use a wide flat blade screwdriver to carefully prize off the staples around the edge. If you are careful you may be able to get away with just undoing 3/4 of them. The top of the bolts should be held in place with some tape, however this may have dried out and become loose, in which case re-seat the bolt heads and use duct tape to secure them. Then reattach the seat cover and staple back in to position.


i just took apart my seat and the metal plate which holds the bolts in is bent is there anyway to straighten it out

Jump on it, or use a hammer or something. Use your imagination, how hard can it be!

Lol. Kids today! :roll_eyes:

Last night I decided to cut my seat foam down and totally fucked up my K1 seat, ha ha! I’ve got a demo on Saturday! Opps!

ok this works everytime for me … get a new seat

It’s not always the best idea to buy an new one if you can fix it :roll_eyes:

Use a vice, hammer and a large flat surface, that should be all you need to bend it back into shape.

I love fixing stuff and taking things apart, it always gets me excited to take things apart and see what makes them tick. Sometimes I take apart perfectly functional things just to see how they work. Anyone else like this? Sorry for the thread-jack, just throwing that out there…

Anyway, I’d recommend using a vice if you have one, or a pair o pliers and a hammer, or maybe just bite it furiously until it bends back.

Whichever you decide on, good luck with it

thanks for all the help everyone i put it back togther and its perfect i did some mods while it was pulled apart and now my seats better than ever.:slight_smile: