I need help, quick!

OK, so I send in my Movie to get stamped on Monday. (boy, that was a long time coming! I am sooooo thankful I couldn’t get the pre xmas release going)

right now, i have a 13min feature of extra stuff (alternate clips, even some not even in the main scene clips…to keep the bonus just as gripping as the main one)


right now, the link to that scene is simply called ‘More Riding’

I hate that, and I am running out of time. throw me a bone?

The radio had a feature on B-Sides the other day (the songs that went on the back of a single

Unforntnauly, the coolest name i have to far…B-Sides, ptobably will get overlooked.

Kids born after CD’s probably have no idea what a B side is!

Yeah, call it B-Sides…they can always ask their parents. :slight_smile: Seriously, what are they going to do - not enter that menu just because they don’t know what it means?

Go for it!


I know what a B-side is I think. I’ll think about the name though.

Here’s a few ideas

CRF cutting room floor
Take 13
Where is Sofa?

Not B Sides…B Movies.

Or else it’s B Sides D Point.

these all make them sound like just extra crap…it’s almost an alternate movie)

Ah, so if the mAin movie is, let’s say, the “A” movie, then the alternate, or Backup movie, could be considered the “B Movie”.


I vote for B-Sides.

It just sounds better to me (I know what a b-side is, I’m 16)

wow, my 30th birthday isn’t till Feb 20, and I have already used a ‘you kids don’t know nothin’


I’m glad though, as I especially like it called that (but am open for any cooler ideas as well!)

Flip Side


Clip Side

I like that even better!

How about alternate endings

I vote B-Sides… or Goofy-Foot sides… Non-Dominant Foot side… The stuff that wasn’t good enough for the rest of the movie…
And Now For Something Completely Different…
B-Side is prolly best :wink:

Ok, I’ll throw in my suggestion:
The other reel. :smiley:

i think it should be “B-side riding”
And of course, you read it like beside riding (falling that is) :slight_smile:

Hello Brian,

Maybe I missed the info somewhere, or it’s still too early, but how do I order the TWNR movie?

I don’t want to miss out on it.

You can send me a money order or go through Paypa if you wnt, I was hoping to be able to accept credit cards, but i think that probbaly won’t hapen.

$18 us or $23 can

They will be ready for shipping on Feb 17


PM me for my mailing address and to give me yours


Re: I need help, quick!

How about
Vanilla Side ? (implicitly opposed to Chocolate Side)

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