I need help on starting on 125s on my 36

T am one who likes to take small steps to change setups (general statement). I started out with 170’s on my 36, then via 150, 140, 127, 125 went to 114. Each length I rode till comfortable. That way, I found the changes were quite manageable.

I ride a 29 with 125s although I’ve done long rides and prefer the speed of 100s. I’ve never gotten comfortable with 100s and like you, feel completely stupid with them.

Some time back I’ve read an article about optimal crank lengths in relation to bicycling and it was suggested that different people may be better suited with different crank lengths. I’m inclined to subscribe to this belief.

It may not always be about how well or proficient your riding is but rather what your muscles have been trained to do and how the different crank lengths are working with your muscular build. For me, after an injury, I can’t put as much weight on one of my foot and hence can’t brake as well or maintain stability with short cranks.

If that’s your problem, perhaps cross-training may help build up strength.

If I hadn’t followed that I would have quite a long time ago.

It took me 6 months, riding ~ 5 X’s /wk for an hour, before I had the skill & guts to ride my 2.5 mi commute on my 20". Also another 2-4 months of practice each for the few tricks/skills I can do. At times it feels like I have to look w/ a microscope to find improvements.

I was used to using 127’s on my 26 inch muni when I got my N36. I started with 150mm cranks on the 36, but changed them to 125’s after the first two test rides. Sure, it is harder with 125’s, but it gives a much smoother ride for me. I just accept that I cannot stop on a dime or go slow through tricky technical trails. You have learn to use the momentum to your advantage to be comfortable with short cranks on a large wheel. It is working out ok for me, but I am sure it’s not for everyone.

What was the learning curve there, 2 seconds?

So what exactly is your question? It doesn’t really sound like you need much help to adapt to 125s as you were already comfortable with them and moved on to 114s. What’s the point? :thinking:

Edit: Okay, I think I got it, it isn’t you but Buck who needs help with 125s, right?

I swapped 127s for 125s a week before a race (38 km time trial) thinking that it would give me a 1% (or so) speed advantage without being really noticeable on control or freemounting. Indeed it wasn’t really noticeable, whether I gained 1% in speed is hard to tell but it gave me more confidence that I had the optimal setup.

That’s right. I reposted the original question as a quote because it didn’t belong in JC.

I ride my Coker on 140mm cranks, riding on 125 is not a problem … except that I can’t freemount (at all :angry: !) … May be I should try to get 132mm cranks for a smooth transition :slight_smile:

I started out riding a 36’’ with 125’s. It was hard at first, but got easier after about an hour of slamming the T7 into the ground. Try twisting the uni with you as you ride, swerving a lot - it helped me keep my balance long enough to work up some speed, and then staying on was easy from there.