I need help making a decision

I am ready to buy a Muni.

I can get a Nimbus for $290 plus tax or I have an opportunity to buy a Kris Holm that is 4 years old, but only has about a mile on it for $450.

I will not be doing any kind of major tricks on it. I just want to be able to ride the same cross-country trails I normally ride my mountain bike. How much less does a Kris Holm weigh than a new Nimbus? Anyone know?

What do you guys think?


Personally I’d go with the new Nimbus. As I understand it, the KH gear has improved vastly over the years and a 4 year old KH may not be as good as you’d expect given the current KH gear.

But that’s my opinion having only been in to the sport for 5 months… :wink:

I’m with 4umfreak on this one. I’d go with the Nimbus as well. I don’t think a 4 year old brand new Kh is worth 450.00, if it was 350.00 it would be a toss up.

My KH is about 4 years old. It’s good.

I have owned various of the old style Nimbi. The KH is far better. However, I believe the newer Nimbi are much better than the old ones.

The newest KH machines are lovely.

I think on balance I’d buy the Nimbus now, and plan for a newer KH a year or two down the line.

Go Nimbus. With KH moment cranks.

The 4yo KH will have the older tubular 36-spline cranks. Which are good cranks, but are just outdated.

It will just be easier to stick with an ISIS hub and stick with the times.

It is a newer Nimbus uni, right?

I have an 05 KH 24

These come with a KH-Onza hub, expensive orphan cranks. I have had zero trouble with mine. I say a buy at 2 to 300 $ Talk that guy down lol.:slight_smile:

It is best to go with the new ISIS standard. However, if you can get one of the old splined unis for 200 $, in good shape, they don’t actually have any real problems.

I Have a Nimus Trials 20" ISIS splined hub.

IMHO, this is a tough uni.

in the month or so ive had it, at a glance, youd think it was new, but in truth ive been bashing it around rock tracks, and dropping 2m quarter pipes.

so if thats the one on offer for you, get it.

An older KH may or may not be as good quality as the newer, improved editions, but as Jerrick has said, slap a ISIS hub on it and it’ll all be good. Maybe some new cranks too.

in the end, its your personal decision.

Thanks everyone. Good advice and kind of what I was leaning toward anyway. I can’t wait to get it!